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February 05, 2006



That is truly horrifying snow. Those poor trees.


WOW you crocheted by candlelight? Now that's dedication! I am impressed!

P.S. I find that Tools -> Color Tools -> Levels... -> "Auto" is insanely fantastic. I don't actually know any of the technical details about what this DOES (I'm sure you'll learn that in your class), it's just an all-purpose "make the picture look a thousand times better" button. Give it a try, it's pretty amazing!


We have been having springlike weather here in the Northeast U.S. Knitting by candlelight sounds lovely but the reality must be a total pain.

I usually don't bother with the WPI until I've plyed. You got quite a bit done on the orange, I must say. Looks great so far.


So I won't complain about the snow we got -- tho' I knew you were going to get blasted. We've had severe winds as well, and I've got flashlights planted at various strategic points.

I like the Orange Project -- just what's needed right now with all the dull skies and snow.

Danny Ouellette

Glad you power is back on.

Toronto came through pretty much unscathed. Maybe 1 cm of snow, if that. Only bad thing was all the wind - which started on Friday and hadn't given up.

The orange is looking pretty good! Is that the regular comet spindle, or the light weight one?

Keep warm and safe.


Hey... thanks for the snow pictures. I'm a native Floridian so snow is a thrill to me. Five days ago I moved to the Pacific Northwest. I'm a bit freaked out by this since I've never left the place of my birth. But... one cool thing is I can drive up into the moutains to get a glimpse of snow.

You seem to have gotten a lot of snow. I know that probably isn't your idea of a good time but to me it looks just lovely!

Thanks, again.


Hi! I had to come out of lurkdom to comment. I absolutely loved the snow pictures. I so miss snow and especially a good storm. I got to live vicariously through your pics, thanks!


The problem with the snow is that while it looks pretty, it's damn dangerous. The trees are brittle this time of year, and with the weight of the snow, it's really easy for a branch to come crashing down. One of my coworkers was away for the weekend, and came home to find a tree fallen across the driveway and another on top of her house.

Branches -- or trees -- going down take out power and phone wires. None of which is good in cold weather.

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