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August 24, 2009



you guys must have some clout with those guys in Wiarton... i've been trying to get a room all summer and it's been pretty much impossible.

all the best to Paul and David! wishing them a safe trip and happy times.

Deborah Robson

I just went a few hundred miles out of my way on a road trip to see friends I haven't seen in a decade. . . . We've tried, but it hasn't worked. We had an evening and a morning. We talked. We ate well (zucchini and hominy, and a soup with beans and rice and much fresh garlic added at the last minute). We used 100X magnifiers to look at Chinese weaving and probably-European bobbin and needle lace.

It was such a fine time.

I'm glad they came to see you. The meal sounds delightful, even to a vegetarian!


I'm not sure if it's the Chardonnay, the visit with Ted, or the blush of new love, but those guys look awful happy...I'm sure all three factors played a part.

Lovely to see it for whatever reason.

L.M. Cunningham

For who or what is truly important in your life, the size of the detour you need to make is irrelevant.

I, a nervous driver when on strange roads in the best of weather conditions, rented a car in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and drove through pea-soup fog on a busy interstate highway "just" to get to Maryland Sheep and Wool last year. Scared the you-know-what out of me, even after I turned on the GPS, but to go back there again after so long away was priceless.

(Oh, and the meal sounds fabulous too!)

Judy G.

I would drive out of my way for that kind of a picnic. Glad you had a good visit!


Ted - We made it, safe and sound, to OR. Yes, everyone, dinner was totally yummy. The company was superb! The gingersnap were doled out to last us thousands of miles.
We are certainly going to miss you at the MFKR'09 this weekend! Thanks again for hosting us to a fab feast!

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