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January 12, 2006



I use either Photoshop or the GIMP at least once a day. Which one I use depends on which computer I happen to be on at the time. You're right - they're about 85% the same.

I prefer Photoshop's interface, and Photoshop has slightly better benchmarks, but... the GIMP is free (in both senses). So by all means, learn GIMP!

I didn't realize that the GIMP had been ported to Windows. I'll have to start recommending it to Windows users as a free alternative to Photoshop.


At the risk of sounding like I'm turning into a needle fetishist, what length are you using for the basket?

I borrowed one of Bordhi's books from the guild library, and note that she calls for rather a long circular, which, of course, I don't have.


I used a 36 inch / 91.5 cm long needle for the basket. It was the longest I could find in that size at the craft store. And for the basket I'm glad I didn't go longer, because to work the handle I ended up having to push the sts along the needle: it was a bit long for the job. I also used the needle to work the body of the basket, resorting to the Magic Loop technique for the last dozen or so round.

You might find a longer needle would work well if you were doing a scarf. I did work a scarf on a 22 inch needle some years ago, and it was no fun. Stitches were all bunched up.


Does this mean the scanner works, Ted? Or did you end up getting a gnu one?


Ooh... I love it. And I absolutely love the colour. I want it... thanks.

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