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April 22, 2006



When you come to CU, please look me up! I'd love to sit and knit etc with a blog-buddy!

I have this lovely gazebo looking over a wee man-made falls w/ stream and koi pond where we can sit and knit -- w/ a ceiling fan if it's hot....

If you'll be here on the 2d or 4th Thursday, Needleworks has Knit Night (of course they've got great gatherings on Saturdays too). If not, let me know, I'll concoct something in my living room (or patio)


Send me your mailing address and I will gladly send you some alpaca roving. I've got a ton of it, and Madelyn's getting shorn in about three weeks (though I'm not having that fleece processed until after I've entered it in some of the fall fleece competitions).


Ted, your shawl looks beautiful, and you vacation plans sound good to me.


Tiresomely boring? I doubt that.

The shawl is magnificent and the edges are perfect. WTF were you worried about? Methinks you angst too much but then, so do I. Takes one to know one.

I cut and paste your tutorial about grafting edgings into a Word doc when you first wrote it on The Princess Diaries, so I would have it when I might need it. It's a technique everyone should read about and learn, not just novices.


Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving knitting tips, Ted. Can't wait to start experimenting. I really enjoy figuring things out instead of just following instructions.

Lace knitting scares me. But I have been thinking about giving it a try lately. Any suggestion on a easy and yet satsifying project? Hmmm... do those two go together? :-)

Kate Winkler

Ted, you'll love Deb's alpaca cloud - it virtually spins itself, and the alpaca/silk/merino blend really wants to be lace.

Looking forward to your visit - hope you can make it to the shop while you're here.


I don't know, that lace looks pretty inspiring already.
Just how big is that now and will it be much larger when blocked?


I don't think it's likely that I'll find you boring. I think it's more likely that we won't have enough to time to get through half the things we'd like to talk about, that's what I think.

Rosebud looks grand, even unblocked. Whew.


Your "uninspiring" unblocked Rosebud is making me think that I really need to go get that pattern and some suitable yarn. Stop it.

the vacation sounds great.


Mmmmmmmm. The Rosebud looks incredible; I can't wait to see it fully dressed. And to think this is what you do when you want a break from the Princess. DiiiissGUSTing!!

I was inspired by your dyeing experiment and fetched some KoolAid and food dyes to play with. I have a weaver's warping board for making up the skein and "The Twisted Sisters" book. This weekend if it's nasty I'll be playing in the dyepots. The Baby Surprise Jacket in your experiment is coming out so cool!


Danny Ouellette

Congrats on the vacation. I hope you have a great time there. Get some rest and then exhaust yourself with fun!


Ooh, Rosebud is looking mighty fine!
Congrats on getting back to the gym. I hate exercising and find it really hard to stick to the workouts, so admire it in others that much more.

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