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April 30, 2006



I don't know if you can buy them, but they certainly exist.

See here:

and here:

They are scary-looking things about 6 feet on each side, with nails sticking out every inch or so. The four sides peg together at the corners, and can be stored disassembled. Broom handles would probably work....


Thank you, thank you.
I am going to refer back to this post when I finish the shawl I am working on.
So great that you took the time to explain it so clearly.
Thank you.

Mary Morrison

Wow! I hope my Rosebud is half that lovely. It looks as though you attach the edging going counter-clockwise. I have to knit it counter-clockwise. I'm just unable to do it clockwise. When I get ready to do mine, I'm going to refer back to your posts.


Our friend Matthew built a triangular blocking frame from PVC pipe - you can see pictures here:

Scroll down to the fifth item.

Since his frame doesn't have pins to mount the lace on, he somehow *crochets* it onto the frame with waste yarn, much as you'd do a crocheted provisional caston directly onto a knitting needle - at least that's my interpretation of the process.


Oh yeah, and I meant to add that you could certainly make a square blocking frame as well - probably more easily than a triangular one!


Thank you for tutorial!
Have you thought using silk painting frames? There are many different kinds available...


There's a good pattern for building your own lace blocking frame at the Knit Picks site here http://www.knitpicks.com/images/pdf/laceblockingframe.pdf



Thank you so much for this! I used it to make the edging of my rosebud perfect, and now I'm confident about being able to do it again.

Here's a picture:

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