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April 30, 2006


Janice in GA

Not shabby at all -- nicely done!


Shabby? SHABBY? Geez, Ted, if this has even the faintest hint of anything shabby about it I'm handing in my needles. It's simply stunning.

Danny Ouellette

Great looking shawl Ted!

Do you think this is something I would be able to handle knitting? I'm looking for a 'challenging' piece, but something that is not too insane.


This looks absolutely fabulous. Great job! Boy, I sure love lace blocking . . . nothing quite like it!





I just spent the last 15 minutes sitting here, face plastered to my computer screen, just saying "Wowwwwwwwww" at every picture.

This shawl is beyond textbook beautiful. It's...it's...wowwwwwwww.

The stitch definition is outrageous!

Blocking is, in itself, an artform. You are incredibly talented at it.

Lawdy, you are one talented lace knitter.


Sigh. So lovely. You're my idol.


one thing i've notice with male knitters is that they tend to tackle the most beautifully intricate patterns around. You've done a great job with this shawl.

I'll send you my address so you can send it to me ;)


Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Ted. It's something I hope to be able to do someday. Much to learn first!


Georgeous! Great job!

Diane in Chico

Very nicely done, Ted. Very. Nicely. Done.

che l

this is nice


Splendiferous. Those close-ups make me weep with anticipation of the Wedding Ring shawl. You could frame those and sell 'em. Might pay for your trip to Rhinebeck, dontcha know.


Yes, pretty fantastic work! But we already know you tackle the most challenging things, and work diligently on it, creating the most wonderful, beautiful intricate lace shawls! What more can I say --- wow!

But the more important thing pressing on my mind at the moment is:
Who is going to get this fine piece of knitting? Hmm?


What can one say but echo the previous comments. Wow! I'm in awe! A job incredibly well done.


Ted, as always, you grossly understate the value of your work and achievement. It's gorgeous, really beautiful! Wow!


Wow! It's awesome!

You pay so much attention to the details!

My idol! :)



You're the master at understatement. The shawl is gorgeous. The stitch work is outstanding. Wow. Wow. WOW! You are my hero.

Ellen in Conn

Not shabby, shoddy, schlocky OR shitty; very nice. You don't shillyshally.


Ted, you have an incredible talent. The shawl is exquisite. Your attention to detail, your understanding of the pattern, and your willingness to share your techniques and pattern clarifications reveal not just a knitter, but a master of the craft. Bravo!


Lovely shawl. I'm very impressed.



Jo Ann

Eh. It's okay.

JK. It's absolutely beautiful. Wonderful work.


Wow. That's all I'm capable of after seeing those pictures. Wow.


I am completely envious of your talent and patience. Beautiful work.

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