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June 17, 2006



As I said in my Comments, I wash Zephyr afterwards. But not before. And I've used it twice before the Mel, in cones. No problems. So I think you'll be fine.

I love that Cinnabar! What a glorious color! And those distaffs! My favorite colors. I love the ones you sent me and use them--they're in my spindling bag, which I'll take with me on my mini-vacation next week.


Hi, I have knit with Zephyr without washing first. Just made a centerpull ball on my ball winder and away I went. For me the trouble of packing around the whole cone is not worth it. I joined a couple of times and it is not noticiable. Pictures in my blog: http://yorksett.blogspot.com/
It is a Shetland Shawl, pattern by Sharon Miller. Good luck!


I'll third that opinion -- I wouldn't wash the Zephyr before, either, I'd just use it off the cone. And I agree with Mar, that colour is glorious, and aptly named.


Hi, I think this is the first time I've posted here. Imade myself one of your wrist distafs and used it all weekend, I love it, thanks for the idea.

I will third the opinion to not wash it first, That way you can knit off the cone if you want to. Also, you are going to be blocking the lace under tension so knitting off the cone should be just fine, especially if you wash and block your swatches.

Lee Ann

Wow. That colour is STUNNING.

Have a wonderful vacation, Ted...may it inspire you to say, as did the inimitable Madeline Kahn, "I feeww wefweshed." :-)


Zephyr doesn't stretch, shrink or full very much at all, so you're safe using it unwashed.


It is my preference to knit with Zephyr straight off the cone. I haven't noticed any difference (besides ends) in my coned vs. wound Zephyr projects.


I haven't yet used Zephyr, but have used many other yarns off the cone. When weaving, most of my yarns came on cones, and I still have boxes of it left for knitting. I like to use it right off the cone; saves time without re-winding and washing, and no ends to knit in! Of course, you always wash your swatches anyway, right? I don't tend to carry around cones -- they sit patiently waiting for me at the same spot all the time.

Yes, there is nothing better than listening to the CBC while working. We all do that here!


For a gauge-doesn't-matter-much project like a shawl, it's probably fine as is. For a gauge-matters-a-lot project, I always wash before swatching (and wash the swatch before measuring). FWIW, for gauge-matters projects, I wash whether it comes in cones, balls, hanks, whatever.

Have a grand vacation!

Nanna Peter

Hi ya, young Ted. Only on the net sometimes. Love the look of Max & pleased you are getting fun out of it. Max is a prizing winning coloured Merino from Cyril Lieske[sp]. What a wonderful man he is.
That road trip of ours REALLY needs to happen. :-D
Loves ya Nanna


Hello Ted!

I'd knit it off the cone since you will block under tension anyway. I don't think these will be "hard wearing" shawls but one's to cherish! You do insanely beautiful work!


I bought a cone of Cinnabar Zephyr on eBay, it arrived today, and the color is even more beautiful than in the photo, isn't it? It's my yarn o' choice for a "Mystery Stole" knitalong (I'm such a groupie). Thanks to commenters for the advice about washing, I was wondering the same thing.


That's spooky! This is this first time I've read your blog and two cones of the same yarn, same colourway, came in the post to me in Australia, yesterday, for some lace knitting. I'm anxious about the dryclean only label, but thought I'd ignore it. How the hell can you dryclean (and block) a shawl, I ask you?

Joanne, the Canuck in Colorado

Thanks to your post about knitting Zephyr directly from the cone, and the responses from your readers, I'm going to be more confident as I knit a shawl (mystery shawl knitalong) with my coned Zephyr.

Glad to hear that your trip to the US went well and that Franklin knows that Canadians are not scary people!!

A belated Happy Canada Day. :-)

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