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July 27, 2006



Thanks for a good laugh. Good thing I wasn't trying to drink anything while I was reading.


fussy is as fussy does...


I totally relate to this in many ways. The incongruities of loving to knit and not wanting to redo six inches of knitting, or having the perseverance to create a lace masterpiece, but not the patience to wait for a web order of yarn.

As for Kitchener, I have to look up instructions on the web every time I need to do it.

Kathy Merrick

And I will do anything fiddly if it's crocheted or fairisle lots of colors, but have much less patience for lace and extreme knitted stitch patterns.

And couldn't do Kitchener by myself if it kept me from being lifted to the moon.




That's what toe up socks are for, right?

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