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September 07, 2006



You are dangerous to my diet. Seriously.

Now I need to figure out where the nearest orchard is.


That pie sounds amazing . . . I might have to make a trip to my favorite farmstand this weekend!


The last time I made this, I was still living in France -- I bought commercial dough, as you can get very good quality stuff there (and boy, do I ever miss it!).

But I got the apples from a local apple festival -- can't remember what they were, but they were perfect, and I remember discussing with the apple seller what I wanted to do with them.

Sigh. It was a most perfect pie. Seriously the best apple pie ever.

And now I'm tempted to do it again, because we've actually got a very good source of apples here at the farmer's market.


Right, that's Saturday dessert sorted. I've got home-grown Egremont Russets, including some greenish windfalls that will make a tart pectin-rich jelly. And I'm completely with you in the battle against margarine: solid fat means butter or lard. Margarine is made by torturing innocent, honest vegetable oil until it turns solid in self-defence.

Thank you!


Ah, now that's an intriguing recipe. Apple picking season is just in it's early stages in my area so I can try this one out later in the month.

denny  Mcmillan

must get me out to the country to pick me some apples.
We pick cherries every year, but alas the fall be busy.
Like I've said before I'm a pie baker, and do them two and three at a time.So I will be trying this jelly pie thang. To bad they wouldn't travel to Rhinebeck to well...........or would they????
Pie and lemon squares,it's a big fair, right? Lot's of walking.
We may need to.


Sounds fab. And I was just saying to the husband after making some jam the other night, I wonder how one would make pectin if you couldn't get it in the little box? Thanks!


Oh I have made that pie and LOVE it! It was many years ago and I was so impressed with the REDness of the sauce after boiling the peels. Amazing!
Also, I love Cortland apples. Unfortunately they are not available in western Canada. I discovered them while living in Hamilton in the early '90's and to this day, savour their sweet/tart flavour!!mmmmm


Thank you, I'll definitely make this, although it's not easy finding good apples around here. And yeah..margarine..hydrogenated=death, don't ever go there.


I decided on the spur of the moment that this pie would be a good way to celebrate Friday. And it was, despite an ill-timed phone call converting the jelly to syrup. That wonderful combination of flavours elicited one of my husband's very, very rare spontaneous compliments: it seemed only fair to pass the praise back to the person who made the recipe available!

Thanks again.


What an unusual and tempting pie. The daughter & grandaughter picked apples today at a local orchard but just Macs so far. They are my favorite eating apple, but I'm looking forward to pie apples soon. And apple butter anyone?



Apple Butter -- haven't made this for years.

Boil 6 cups of sweet cider to reduce to 2 cups.

Wash 5 pounds apples (Snows, Macs, Tolman Sweets, Spies - whatever) and cut out the stem and blossom ends. Slice the apples -with peels, cores and seeds- into the 2 cups reduced cider. Cook, stirring and mashing til it's a soft mash. Put it through a food mill or sieve to separate the pulp from the peels, cores, seeds.

Measure pulp and taste -- add sugar to taste

1/4 cup sugar / cup of pulp if sweet
1/2 cup sugar / cup of pulp if tart/sour

Add 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/4 tsp each cloves, nutmeg, allspice.

Cook over low heat, stirring very frequently til thick and dark - maybe 4-5 hours. Watch for scorching in the last hour or so. It'll go faster is you use a large shallow skillet, because there's a greater surface area to allow evaporation.

Pack into sterilized jars. I seal with 2-piece vaccum lids. I think this is from one of Elizabeth Baird's cookbooks. Much better than the commercial stuff, which often has sodium bicarb in it.

Lynn in Tucson

Oooooh.... I have BAGS of organic apples, just picked this weekend, in search of a recipe. I don't suppose that this is the one that I want to make and freeze ('cause I would certainly forget the jelly part when it came time to bake) but I've GOT to try this. Thanks!


Sounds delicious! I have copied the recipe and will try it out this fall. Thanks so much for sharing!


It seems to me that the occasional good quality pie would not be considered a sin. And it might be a good element to add to your plan to socialize more. Bake a pie. Clear off the table and something to sit on. And invite a couple of people over for desert and coffee...

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