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November 01, 2006



Excellent treatment of a more-complex-than-it-looks subject! Thanks.

Now does the phrase "line-up" have a different connotation where you are? or are you suggesting that people use their spindle when they are standing in a police room with five other guys waiting to be identified by a crime victim?


P.S. I find that "boat anchors" are nice for displaying in one's home, perhaps on top of a small basket of yarn or roving.


You say it so much better than I! Excellent!

Barb Brown

Excellent post. I am glad you commented on getting someone who enjoys spindle spinning to teach you, and avoid those who don't. I was taught 3 times by people who didn't like it, and couldn't produce anything. Then a friend who loves it showed me. In 5 minutes, I was spinning away and loving what I was producing, and loving doing it. Even so, I still prefer the rim weighted spindles, way less wobble.
Barb B.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

Excellent discourse on spindling, Ted! Thanks from a long-time, hard-core spindler. Check out my blog entry for today--it's about spindles. :D


Your posts are very encouraging for someone tempted to get into spinning. One thing I have wondered about - I don't think I can use a wheel because I am handicapped. My left leg is my strong one and I'm not sure that would work with a wheel? But I have wondered - can you spindle spin sitting down? Or would that be crazy tedious? Your posts are always so helpful - thank you.


wow, thanks! i just bought a spindle and some fiber, and this was very helpful. now, if you could come to cleveland and show me how to do it... just teasing! :)

you should definitely submit this for the next yarnival. julie at fricknits is editing it, and there is a link to a submission form on her blog.


I appreciate you posting this. I am a wheel spinner struggling to learn the spindle. I have no one to teach me, so the more I can read from actual spindle spinners, the better! Very helpful, thank you!

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