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December 28, 2006



Hey Ted, what sock yarn is that?

It's so yummy looking - nice and rich.

Ted writes: It's Regia 4 ply "Canadian Color" #4743 "Papillon". I think it's a discontinued colour.


Which pattern is that? I love that book.
I wish someone would ask for my socks.

Ted writes : It's the "Yarrow Ribbed Sock" on pages 28-29.


When a parent acknowledges a child's passion, it's a major thing, no matter how old the child is. I think our parents, of the Depression era, are learning late in life that their children are on paths quite different but perhaps more fulfilling than anticipated. Your father's wish for a pair of your socks is wonderful. He finally got it, eh?

My mother dimly acknowledges that I write. Very dimly. The knitting, no problem. The writing, she doesn't get.


What a lovely fleese! I was picturing that all over my bedding on a chilly night. Well, 50s are chilly here. They ARE! OK, I cook and bake alot, but don't know what quark is (?) Is it like a starter? How nice that your dad acknowledged your knitting. Like a surprise gift huh? I keep telling everyone there IS a Santa. ;)


Those are beautiful colors in the fleece and the yarns. It's neat that your Dad finally not only acknowledged but asked for your knitting! I assume the socks you gave him were hand-knitted anyway, just by someone else, but it would be biggest of coincidences if they had fitted precisely. I hope you got measurements for the next gift occasion.


It's wonderful that your dad wants a pair of socks!!! What a great feeling huh?

That fleece is an absolutely gorgeous color. I love it. I can't wait to see it spun up. I hope you post each step as you work with the fleece so we can learn with you.


Of course once they acknowledge is all hints all that time. I knit my dad some socks for Xmas and he as VERY happy. Pretty easy gift though.

Barb Brown

Very, very cool that your Dad wants socks you knit for him. That is waaay more than just wanting socks. You should ask Carol to dye you some "Dad Colourway", and get them done for Easter.
Did you notice the sun is rising earlier and earlier???
On the stollen....how about just doing an ordinary sour dough sponge? I leave mine about 3 or 4 days depending on the weather.
Barb B.

Ted writes: I did the sponge because I only had half as much yeast as the recipe wanted, and I needed to get the culture going really well.


That fleece is gorgeous! And I agree with you on your first fleece comment...I started spinning with merino, which isn't supposed to be a good first fleece either. You'll be fine.

Lee Ann

Ask Cassie Too Much Wool about separating the two coats. It's a great thing to do obsessively until your eyes roll back in your head and you can't tell the tog from the thel from the fuzz left by the cat.

You brave, honey.


The fleece is a beautiful color. Will your separate the colors to end up with a marled look, or blend them together completely?


As a fan of Alchemy Fibres,you have made my day! I am so pleased to know that Danuta now has a website. I can happily spin up what I have now rather than treasuring and hordeing it.


Dear Ted,

That fleece is just beautiful. If you seperate the two textures and then plied them? I have no idea but it looks like a great adventure. The stollen looks great but just HOW MUCH YEAST did you end up using and WHERE THE HECK do you get Quark? As for the opportunity to knit sox for your Dad, I say make two matching pairs. One for him and one for you. Kinda like "Mother Daughter" dressing only with your dad. Not only has he given you the precious gift of acknowledging your talent, he has given you the rare opportunity to express your love for him through that talent. Make sure to take pictures and post them when he gets them!


Lovely story about your dad and the socks, it warms the cockles of my heart.


How wonderful that your dad asked for a pair of handknit socks from you. It's one thing for a mom to ask but another when it's from your dad. Congrats!

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