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December 21, 2006



It's the longest day down here, of course. Bright, sunny and hot - although the forecast is for cooler weather for the 25th.


Love your ornaments! Especially the bearded faerie with fingerless mittens. (hmmm...) The lady mermaid (I think that's what she is) is awesome too.

So glad it's vacation time. Happy Holidays! May you have many pleasant surprises in the new year. :-)


I just love your tree. It has a look of sophisticated whimsy. Did you knit the ram? I wish you a Happy Solstice, a Merry Christmas and a healthy happy and prosperous new year! Thank you for all the inspiration and great reading!

Janice in GA

Dude, you so TOTALLY don't have to worry about your spinning. I've been spinning for DECADES and you're better than I am. :)

We got lights on our tree but somehow I couldn't manage to muster the energy to put the decorations on it too. Meh. This dark of the year is Teh Suck. But the sun is coming back. Hooray for the solstice!


I like 'failed overachiever', that's very good. Why not try some of EZ's decorations from Knitter's Almanac for your tree? I'm doing some just now and they're good fun. Happy Christmas :)


Best theme on a tree ever. You have a very eclectic collection there, but I love them all.

My husband have a theme of birds on our tree.


Lovely, lovely ornaments. I love the variety, the ticklish joy, and the willingness to be individual. Maybe no angel on top is necessary as the chorus of others creates sufficient cheer? Not to dampen anyone's Swarovskian ambitions on your behalf... Thanks for keeping the white yarn safe. L:


It's a lovely tree. The theme for our tree is, well, I don't know that there is one. It's just homely, in the best sense of the word.

Now that the solstice has passed, we can start looking forward to a few more minutes of daylight every day. Kind of makes one want to dance naked around a bonfire, no?


I really liked the elephant, w/bells for legs & feet; and the Wonder Unicorn. Having been owned by a pet squirrel for almost 13 years, I can say that I'm almost certain that your hedgehog is actually a squirrel. Hedgehogs don't have fluffy tails or those cute little ears. (sigh) I just adore squirrels.

Your tree is interesting, doesn't take itself too seriously, and is comfortable with its interpretation of traditional ornaments. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I give it a 9. You would have got a 10, but it needs an angel topper. (gdr)

I'm so happy to see that your mood is more bouyant! By the time Spring Solstice arrives, you should be practically giggling to yourself.

Merry Christmas, Ted. I wish you much laughter and joy.

Judith in Ottawa

Try some Keene's mustard powder in your cheese sauce. I use about a quarter teaspoon in enough cheesy bechamel for 4 people. Old Balderson cheddar, Jarlsberg and parmesan are a nice mix of warm but not too challenging flavours...


On this Eve of Christmas, wishing you lots of holiday cheer and sparkle, Ted. That's one lovely tree you've got there! May your cheese sauce knock the socks off your guests.
Cheers, Spider Chick


I love your tree. If I ever set one up again, I'll keep the concept in mind: small, with very special ornaments.

Take care of yourself. Continue to spread happiness.

P.S. And nobody's worried about the squint when there are sweaters to look at. It's a great photo!


Your spinning looks super to me. People SELL (for a lot of money) Crappy yarn and yours looks great! I love the ornaments. some are just adorable. I am glad you went with the 'what I love' theme. I think it is the best way to do it. You may be right about Christmas - I don't like all the hoopla - but I love my family and I love sharing with them - so that is where I focus. Not so much on the decorations or the gifts.
Hope your Christmas was very happy.


One of the secrets to open airy bread as opposed to "tight" sandwich bread is not to pummel is so much. There is such a thing as over kneading (as Reinhart will tell you). Also, don't "punch" it down when you go for the second rise, merely deflate it gently with your fingers. The second rise is only for the dough to find a fresh yeastfood source.
I am just on to read your resume stuff. I graduated into a different career in December, mid-age. I have spent a total of two days since working on my resume and portfolio. I have been knitting my brains out and reading knitting blogs. I am in the top 10% of the world's procrastinators!!

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