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January 21, 2007



Now if the rest of your colleagues had been that sensible, maybe not so many of them would have gotten sick. I don't know how we became a society that thinks it is better to keep on going through those early stages of an illness instead of sleeping then and beating it before it gets worse.

Glad you are feeling better. The scarf is looking very nice. Sorry about your hands.


Sounds dreamy (the just laying low thing). Looks dreamy (the scarf). Bad dreamy (the eczema). But I'm glad you are feeling better.


You didn't mention a word about the eczema yesterday on the phone. Had I known, I would have made sympathetic noises at the very least. I love the way the scarf is coming out. It's so floaty-looking and the color is beautiful.

Now stay well. That's an order. From me. With love.


Glad you're feeling better. I hope the eczema goes away quickly. New carpet in the office? How long will it take for the glue fumes to dissipate? Be alert for 'sick office' indications.

I like the blues and greens in the scarf.


Sickness is making the rounds here too. I spent yesterday shivering. It also went away after a good night's sleep. I knitted anyway. Something mindless.

I love the colors in the scarf. It really looks all twisty. Can't wait to see it finished and blocked.

Feel better!


Hey Ted, I've been using the distaff you gave me in Rhinebeck A LOT. I love it. I'd like to make some for a spindle spinning workshop I'm having in February. I probably could figure out how to make them with a couple of hit or miss tries but do you happen to have some simple instructions? The Urban Spinner site is gone. Thanks if you can help....And thanks even if you can't because I love the thing.

Barb Brown

That scarf is looking very fine. I'm looking forward to the done deal pictures.

Hey, maybe your skin problems are related to the fumes? Seems possible.


Love the yarn and the scarf. Beautiful.
Sorry about the skin - my nephew has Psoriasis really bad, which is one reason we live a the beach, and he is a the age when kids won't touch him cause he has cooties. It breaks my heart.
I am keeping warm peaceful thoughts for you that the skin will heal quickly and you will be back to knitting in no time.


I find that scarves in general seem to take a long time.


Opera on the radio is one of my secret indulgences that my household tolerates but doesn't understand.

When I was a kid, my family always listened to the classical station in New York that did the Met broadcasts. I spent hours doing something quietly with the stuff playing as background,my grandmother and great-aunts pausing their incessant cooking only to sing along with the arias.

To this day when I'm sick at home my comfort routine involves hot tea, wrapping up in a big comforter, a dim room, and an opera recording. Preferably something overly dramatic with lots of basso voices. (Tenors are so overrated.)

So I at once commiserate with and envy your lazy day of recuperation at home. I hope you and all your body parts feel better soon. -K. (lusting after those blues and greens in your scarf)


Nice to hear you're feeling better. Hope your hands follow! The scarf is gorgeous.

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