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January 28, 2007



My God, we do think alike. I just wrote about my Guernsey sock, although not as technically as you did.

I also lengthen the flap for exactly the same reason you do. I don't use the Dutch heel, although seeing your results makes me tempted to do my next pair that way. I use the common heel, with the Eye of the Partridge stitch, although not with the garter edge. Like that idea.

I love the sock colors, by the way. Don't you hate it when they discontinue perfectly good colors? Feh.

Using the wedge toe gives the best results, in my opinion. Although I used to draw the stitches together using the end rather than Kitchener them, despite careful weaving in of the end, I had some disastrous toe unraveling. What I do now is work the toe down to 12 stitches, then graft the six to the six. That, I have found, works perfectly.


What a great sock post, Ted! Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks. And congrats on being published in Spinner's Quarterly.


Amazing socks! I am a new knitter and knitting my first pair ever so I am in awe.

About the eczema. So sorry to hear about it. You might consider seeing a chiropractor for it. My friends infant son suffered from terrible eczema and was always visibly much better after getting a chiropratic adjustment. It has something to do with the way nerves are pinched etc. If you know a good chiropractor think about giving this a try next time.

Thanks for all the notes on the socks. I hope someday to knit well enough to be able to try them out.

- Eileen


The extra gusset is interesting.
Can you feel the decreases at the bottom of the gusset?


With the exception of the extra gusset, this is exactly the way I have knit my socks since I learned it at school at the age of 8. Btw, we had to knit our first pair in thin white cotton on 2 mm needles, it was really awful! During the last years, as there were all those fabulous knitting books, I have tried all kinds of sock knitting, but I always return to the old way.


I love this color. Nice pattern, also. I bet they fit the calves well with the rib pattern.


What a great sock tutorial! You know socks inside and out! I've made many pairs, but never stopped to really examine the finished product. Weird, ay? Yours was wonderful.


Wonderful food for thought on socks. I must try these tips as your observations are bang-on in my sock household. Thanks! Thanks also for the mention of Spinners' Quarterly. I'm looking forward to sharing your genius with people the old fashioned way (ie print!). Cheers. Off to cast on socks now. L:


Thanks for the heel information. I haven't made enough socks to notice the problem, or maybe it's because mine are a blend, not 100% wool.


That's enough changed to be your own pattern. Gorgeous sock! Love those colors. And so happy you're feeling better.


You truly are a knitting god! I love the socks. Different colored toes are just very cool. I wonder if I still remember how to do socks?!?


Awesome socks..and great source of info for a new sock knitter..thanks~ Happy Knitting

Lynn Stitchman

Great pair of socks and lots of great information about sock.


You're in Knitty 2007!!!!!! Is that you in the picture?

chris french

nice blog! great info. i'm a guy who's been knitting for 30 years, spinning for 15, dabbled in weaving, and always looking for new ideas and concepts--or recycled, in some cases. it's inspiring to read all your stuff! ciao!


found it!

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