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February 25, 2007



So what are you presenting on? I'm agog...!


Those Met operas can be seen, too. Check out the cineplex Odeon website (I talked about this in a recent post, but I wouldn't blame you if you didn't read all my homeschooling posts) for a hi-def cinema near you that is showing them. The next one is the Barber of Seville on March 24th.


I listened to part of the opera on my way to work, but it's difficult coming in midway through with no libretto and little knowledge of the story. Very much agreed on the hunky baritone, though. I love prematurely grey hair.


I think I am in love with that scarf. Sigh. Rarely do I lust after something and really, really, really want to make it, but that colour is just something else.

As for opera singers, I still have it on my life's to-do list to see Roberto Alagna sing live one day.

HickTech sounds interesting.


Having just spent the entire day learning a complex application, writing e-mail on my Blackberry and writing this on my wireless laptop from my hotel room, I would say, "A pox on technology."

I am a Luddite at heart. Tech crap pays the bills. Knitting, spinning and weaving fill my soul.

I think it's time to pull out La Traviata when I get home. Oh no, wait. I have it on my iPod.


Ted...are the elongated stitches done by doing multiple wraps? Is is sometimes difficult to move those wraps along your needle?

If so, you may want to consider using a larger needle for the multiple wrap row, and then switch back to the smaller needle.

For instance, if you're using a US5 for the scarf, and wrapping four times for the elongated stitches. Switch to a US9 needle and only wrap twice, and then switch back to the US5. It's much easier.

Unless they're using some other technique for this scarf, and then...nevermind.

Ted writes: This is a good idea Joe, but in *this* case, I don't think it would work. You work groups of stitches with differnet wrap counts along a single row, so you'll have 20 stitches wrapped 2x; 10 stitches wrapped 3x; 10 stitches wrapped 4x; 30 stitches wrapped once; 20 stitches wrapped 5x; and so on.

But, definitely, the more wraps there are, the more difficulties there are sliding the stitches along the needle.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Hahaha... this is just too bizarre! I'm listening the Randy Bachman's Beatles ptII at the moment! This is just too strange! (but it's a really good show..)


How are you finding the knitting of the fiddle head scarf? I think I might be surprised that you're still on the circular needles...

If/when I get tempted by the technique again should I just opt for straights intead of circulars? Even if I bought the exact circulars that the pattern called for? (I know, I know, I was being delusional and thinking I could follow a pattern.)

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