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February 01, 2007



Nicely done, Ted! I discovered Kinzel's books in my hometown library in about 1973, I think -- I knitted valances for our bedroom windows in her Rose Leaf pattern some 10 years ago.

I haven't attempted Rose of England, but have a cone of purple Zephyr that might just want to be Balmoral.


Wow, sore knees indeed! It's lovely though.

As far as the Brokeback Mountain commentary, like anyone didn't know what it was about when they went to see it?


That's such a lovely pattern. (As are the others in that book.) Must make a Rose someday. Nice blocking job!


Very beautiful knitting, and a fantastic job blocking.
I have used a water-soluble fabric marker on a sheet to make a circular blocking guide. It works very well, and washes out very easily. Don't know if I'd trust it with white cotton lace on top, but it might be worth a try.


Lovely piece and lovely dressing. I've had Kinzel's first book for some time but have yet to attempt anything in it. Seeing that thistle motif on the cover of the second one, though, I may need to get it. Might make for some nice decor for our wedding (which, of course, assumes that I'll actually have the time to crank some of those out).


Breathtaking lace. I remember the same phenomenon in the audience when I went to see Ken Russeell's Women in Love in 1969: hushed silence for Glenda's bosom (well, it was a long time ago) and appalled whispers during Ollie and Alan's nude wrestling scene. I turned round and asked the two disapproving old biddies behind me to keep quiet. Ah, youth.


Absolutely gorgeous!

Re your footnote: perhaps it's time to make 2 guys kissing in public ordinary, then. ;)


That is a beautiful table centre. And very nicely dressed.

I'm not sure which is more depressing that 2 guys kissing is considered pornographic, or that women's breasts in the context you describe are "ordinary". People's attitudes to sex are so f*cked up (pun absolutely intended).


Well, this cinephile is completely green with envy. Orchestra seats is supposed to be very good -- and *two* Zhang Yimou films. Sigh.

And you realize that your neck of the woods has a decent film festival? I guess we're too close to Toronto...


That is quite a blocking job! But it looks wonderful!

Lee Ann

Tell your overnight guest he's one of the lucky ones. The ones you don't like get the darts.


Okay Lee Ann, that works; thank you.

Anybody else want to suggest a snappy reply?


Ted's own sheets by Target. Hmmm.

Fabulous lace and even fabulous-er blocking. Circular pieces have to be the hardest. I own both the Kinzel books and although I've fiddled with some of the patterns, I've never gone at one full-bore. Maybe it's time. Or maybe I should just get moving on the Wedding Ring shawl. Are ya ready?


You've got a good eye for blocking I must say. Although I own the Kinzel book with that pattern, I've never felt up to trying any of those patterns out. I'll stick to working on my Wedding Ring Shawl so Bravo to your friend for finishing such a lovely piece of lace.


Are you sure that's knitted? It's an amazing piece of work. Have fun with the movies - I'm quite jealous. The last time we got away from the kids, we saw The Mummy. Which sucked so bad, doubly so that it was the first time in years we'd fobbed all the kids off... *sigh*.


Please tell your friend Johanna that that is one beautiful piece of lace knitting. And made all the more gorgeous by an expert blocking job, Mr. Ted.


*Sigh* Beautiful work Johanna. And nice blocking job, Ted. Next time, go Greek and get out a pencil and string. Instant compass.

I don't have a snappy answer for the circle in the bedsheet unless it's for guiding the aliens looking for experimental subjects.


Oh yum, that lace is gorgeous!

denny  Mcmillan

That is some hunk-o-burning love lace man. Someday I'll be there.
As for the goofs at the movies, they called it porn cause they started to get a woody and had to talk it down. No one was more surprised then they were.


Gorgeous blocking there and the knitting, wow! :) I have had a yen to do that piece for a while, but I will be much old[er] before I get that far.

How was the Dixie Chicks movie? I looked over the list of movies, rather wanted to head up that way over the weekend; but, well... roads were/are closed lol.


Wow - that is amazing lace.

I've heard of the Curse of the Golden Flower - a new Chinese movie by a famous director.


Ok, so I see beautiful lace work like that and I think, I should really do a heritage shawl. I should bite the bullet and make something - even small just to say I tried it. Then I look at the penny next to the stitches and I start thinking, oh no way, then I read the story of dressing it, and I think, oh hell no. Then I look at the finished product and think... but it is so pretty - you could do that.
Then I got up with an old garter stitch shawl on and caught it on the door handle and think - lace just isn't for you honey. Let it go.
But it is so purty.....
People are definitely biased about the boys kissing/girls breast issue. It is ok to show full nudity on a woman, but a man - not so much. It is idiotic. We either allow nudity/ kissing/ sex in our movies or we don't. One sex or the other and hetero or homosexual sex is still sex. But I think maybe I am in the minority on this issue - those bible thumpin' folks get seriously up in arms.... over nothing.
Oh, but to be a movie critic and get to tell the world how I feel.


Thank you all for all those nice comments. It really wasn't that difficult to knit. But the blocking task just seemed so daunting that I had to ask Ted to do it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU and THANK YOU again Ted, you did a wonderful job.


che l

truly lovely work!

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