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March 18, 2007



Glad to have you back -- sorry for the tough week. Those fibres look bright, but ~beautiful~! Good to hear the stockpot worked well; I've been wondering about you. I think I may try my crockpot this weekend.


Purple Haze, eh!

Looks great. Nice colors. What looks bright in fiber generally tones down when spun up. Kind of like people.

I've always found that green (turquoise) overpowers red and blue quite easily. It's not easy being green. And don't worry, most people who like purple like blue as well.

The two batches of fiber look different in texture as well. Are they both Shetland?

The only thing to say about bad weeks? They make the good weeks look even better.




Sorry to hear you have been feeling down. And really sorry that Eudora decided to get depressed at the same time. That sucks. Glad you are feeling better. the purple looks great. Even with lots of turquoise an fuschia. Sounds like you were having fun.


I hope you like a rich blueberry warp and a magenta weft for your towels. I started the warp yesterday--two towels for you, one for me. So don't get all purpled out, OK?

Why are you still using Eudora? Any particular reason? I suppose if you don't have MS Office, you don't have Outlook or Outlook Express but Eudora is a bit ancient. Probably why it crashes on you. If you can, deinstall it and then reinstall it. That might help.

Abby Franquemont

I support sticking with vintage mailers! Heck, I'm still using the mailer I was 15 years ago, on a UNIX shell. I can't give up the ability to process massive quantities of email with mere keystrokes, and I frankly detest most mailers that have come out in this century.

I *love* low water immersion, and find it particularly enjoyable to use with (well-soaked and pre-wetted) silks. Something about the predictable, yet uncertain, balance of control vs. chance, I think. I find it more fun for getting variation in something like a dyed top, than handpainting.

The crockpot, for me, works well for yarn, and is quite low maintenance. I also like the turkey roaster, with handpainted plastic-wrapped bundles a-steaming, for yarn.

I'm enjoying following your fuschia. ;-)


Ted, reds and blues can strike at different temperatures - I've had this happen when I was using a purple that had already been blended (granted, it was Kool-Aid, but...). If the turquoise took up most of the dye sites before the fuchsia "got there", that might explain its apparent preponderance. Or it could just be that you need to do more dyeing, which wouldn't be a bad thing IMO.

I think you'll find that the colors blend beautifully, and sometimes unexpectedly, in the spinning.

Our snow is gone and I see daffodil shoots.

Barb Brown

The cashmere, Finn, and sock yarn I dyed were all done in a crockpot, and it worked very well. Also way less muss and fuss.

Spring really, really needs to get here. And you are right Ted, an email asking how you are is a great boost...which you've given me more than once, and I thank you for it.


They are great, even if they aren't exactly the purple haze you were looking for. They will blend beautifully on spinning.
In order to not let the blue take over, I usually put it in a glass container inside the dye pot. It will still seep where you have the yarn coming and going between colors, but it won't kill the pink.
I haven't crock potted before, so not sure if it would break the glass. You might try it though - loads of fun.


luvluvluv how the dye job came out. It will be very interesting to see it spun up.

Sorry to hear that life has you down. I'm feeling the same way and haven't posted in ages because of it.

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