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March 25, 2007



I say take that remaining dye and write your name in the snow. It'll make people wonder. :-)

(note: I'm not *really* advocating that, but it was a funny thought)


Having done a lot of dyeing with Lanaset/Sabraset dyes, my humble opinion is that you can throw some more wool in there and it will exhaust the second time. You'll get a much lighter version of the fuchsia, though. I also don't think you need any more acid. The acid acidifies the water, and once it's acid it'll stay that way.


also, I always sprinkled a little baking soda in my water before I threw it out, to neutralize the acid. Better for environment and septic tank.

Barb Brown

If there is colour left in the water, it should dye something. Stick a bit of wool (and inch of yarn, a smitch of roving) and see if you like the colour. If so, dye something or other and stick it away. If you are like me, in 3 years you'll suddenly need exactly that colour in that amount, and go nuts looking for the safe place you stashed it.
If only I lived closer, I'd be contacting you for a contraption. Lovely job he did!


Very nice woodwork. It's good to have a brother who's a woodworker. I'll have to convince mine that I'd love one of these for winding the Pendleton wool off the bobbins to prep it for washing, dyeing, and general stitchage.

No box yet. Watching carefully. =8)


Superwash wool sucks up dye better than regular wool - I keep some around to "mop up" colors after the real stuff is dyed.


That's a great picture of the fish. Thanks Ted!


If I were you I'd fling caution to the winds, and wool to the dyepot. Don't think you'll need any more acid, though. That wool looks great, btw.

It's lovely that you have a brother who is handy. Mine is ... he's fantastic, and he can knit, but let's just say he had to replaster a wall once after hanging a picture.

Barb Brown

Sheeesh Ted what a nag! Pics are there. (thanks for reminding me)

che l

that fish is fantastico!


Whoa you go Joe! Love all the stuff you do. If you ever feel the need to get rid of any of your beautiful yarns, I will gladly accept them. You seem to have done all the things I am still venturing into and have been knitting for 42 years. Would love a comment from you on our blog. Knitiotsofstockton. Happy Knitting! You Rock!


Fantastic Fiber Contraption! You lucky dog. I'm trying to talk my son into making a "Little Great Wheel" for me in shop class...that's the best I can do;-> I'm really impressed with your blog (and the blue teal yarn that you spun) I'ts gorgeous. I've been wanting to try those fish mittens with some Jojoland. Pretty.


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