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April 08, 2007



Just gorgeous! I like your provisional cast-on idea and it worked wonderfully.


A beautiful shawl, beautifully executed. Is the icelandic yarn rough? How does it compare to Lopi or Shetland yarn for example?

Also, is it destined for the freezer? :-)

Barb B.

Simply beautiful! And I like the cast on idea. I'm saving that info up to use in my next shawl.


Ted. That's insanely beautiful. WOW!

Lee Ann

You realise (with an "s," even) that I will definitely make a connection with those kneecaps if that shawl lands in the freezer. Jurée, promis, bro. It's stunning.


It looks great Ted! And reminds me that I really do need to wash and reblock my own. I wear it all the time and don't ever seem to have the time when it's not on my shoulders to get it wet and wait for it to dry.


As always, I'm simply blown away. Absolutely gorgeous.

And thanks for the e-mail. I was unaware, and I have to finalize my tax returns next week - the latest I've ever done them.

Diane (Tailfeathers)

Wowza, what a beauty! Nicely done, Ted.

Good luck on your blogging presentation.


Oh, I say, bravo! Well done!


Oh, yum! One day ...


Ted, this is absolutely wonderful! It is literally breath-taking, and I am having trouble finding the words to describe how beautiful it is.

And thank you for the information about "Three Cornered and Lace Shawls" -- I wasn't familiar with it until now.


It must be the season for lace shawl knitting - so many of the blogs I'm reading are blossoming with lace recently.

Beautiful work!


WOW, beautiful! I think yours looks amazing

Mary the Digital Knitter

When I first saw the title of this entry, in the little list in my sidebar, I read it as Hyena Harbinger. That paints quite a different mental picture.

The shawl is exquisitely beautiful (even if it has no hyenas) and is wonderfully knitted and dressed. Congratulations.

Emma in France

That is stunning! As always your work is so inspirational.


Lovely work! Now I'm curious to knit it because of your description of the transitions (and the fact that it's beautiful!) :)


Bee-YOU-tiful knitting, Ted!


Almost thou persuadest me to knit a shawl...lovely, just lovely.


Oh, well done, Ted! Perfectly beautiful.


it'a a lovely shawl; i also love how these patterns segue one to another. when i sit down to design, i try my hand at drafting designs with similar transitions, but find it mind-boggling on paper in a way that i don't find at all when it's in my hands and i'm knitting it . . .


It's exquisite! Once again, I'm tempted to actually finish a lace shawl. Some lovely yarn from Barb is just waiting for me to start. What an inspiration.


As my grandma would say, "Holy shit!"


Yes, yes, I'm late to this. I'm in awe.
I admire the math too.


::GASP:: Awesome job! This is simply stunning!!


Just To Much and a very Awesome piece you shoud be very proud of IT!!!

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