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April 15, 2007



This post is a wealth of excellent links. Thanks especially for the link to the mill. I think a family road trip is in order this summer.


Ted, the Parrots roving I bought was based on that exact photo, and I had planned on getting something that was more subtle than what I got -- I love their stuff, but I find both of the batches I got vary quite a lot from what's shown on the website. Remember the other handspun shawl I had with me? It was Sky Show -- go look at it and then think about how dark my shawl was.

Mind you, I kind of like the adventure -- you never know what the colour is going to be when the box arrives (grin).

Ted Writes: Just a mention that this is comment #1000 on my blog.

Danny Ouellette

We must have just missed each other! Van and I were there as well in the late afternoon, about 3ish.

The baby goats are soooo cute.

I did well, not buying everything in site. Got 1 skien for a hat, and 2 skeins of her new sport weight yarn to try out on socks. And some of the white mohair/wool mix to spin up. I have some dye experiments I want to do with the yarn this will become.


Wow, that sounds like tons of fun. I think that mystery roving looks fabulous. I don't spin...yet...but I can't wait to see what yarn it turns into. I hope that spring hurries up and gets to you. We saw it here breifly (Texas), then it froze again, and I think it's trying to warm back up. I'll think warm sun-shiny thoughts for you.


Oh phooey I'm so jealous you got to go to WF! And of course I'm sorry I didn't go and see you there... I was all set to go and then I had to confess that it was the day I had ear-marked to do my taxes, finish April's issue of SQ and about a billion other things before my next work trip. Thanks for taking me there virtually! I just love those little goats. Not to mention the great roving WF churns out.


Hi Ted,
Reading your blog post was almost as good as taking a road trip myself...thank you!! Wish I could have been there in person.

The sun is up and doing its thing here in VT. Hope the same for you folks in ON.

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