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May 02, 2007



Best wishes for your father's continued recovery!


First, I'm glad your Dad is alright, and hope that you are as well.

I've been both horrified and fascinated by that experiment since I first heard of it, many years ago. How would I have reacted in that situation at that age? How would I react now? My parents tried to teach me to withstand the pressure of a peer group, but I don't know how I'd have behaved as a member of a group.
I like the idea of working to encourage 'good' behaviour, but always remind myself that any one person's notion of 'good' may differ from my own.


Good to know you're okay. Hope your dad gets better quickly, and don't be afraid to get pushy with the MD's if he isn't. They often need that.


Best wishes for your dad's recovery. Hope you can get some rest yourself.

The implications of that experiment are quite frightening. If you're interested, there's a German movie based on it ("Das Experiment").

Diane (Tailfeathers)

There was an interview with Zimbardo on NPR. Interesting how we have the potential to change so quickly.

Best wishes to your father.

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