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May 06, 2007



Don't sell yourself short, knitterguy. The human end of blogging is what makes it fascinating. I enjoyed your session as much as I did the others, from high tech farming to low vision design. What a great start to what I hope will be an annual event!


Well I got inspired by HICK Teck and have found that blogging would be the answer to a frustration I've had with my own communications lately.


Check it out!!!


The fascination that people have with blogging isn't about the technical stuff. Geeky people don't always find it easy to analyse and thalk about the human side - that's why people like you and I are neded, as the comments above amply demonstrate. Well done on your clearly successful presentation.


I'm glad to hear it went well for you. It sounds like you gave a good presentation, well suited to your audience.

What has prompted you to consider a contest? I'm coming up on my one year blogiversary and I am also contemplating a contest. There is the issue as to what would be a good prize and also if entrants should have to jump through hoops. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic.


You have a wool studio close to Owen Sound with Lorna's Shepherd Sock, and Schaeffer's Anne.


Sounds like a fun time. I think interactive presentations are usually much more enjoyable and informative than dry lecture.

Lee Ann

Why, yes, indeed, you do sound as if you know enough to be dangerous :-)


Linux is definitely the way to go. This said from someone who is employed by a Microsoft Partner. I have seriously considered running it on my desktop. I've heard that the open-source word processing apps are far superior to Word, and I believe that.

Microsoft will probably maintain support for XP for some time to come. I really have no interest in upgrading to Vista, nor does my employer, interestingly.

Blogging is all about the human aspect. The technical aspect is a stone bore to most people.


I also work with an animal welfare group using a blog. We don't have a facility, but have found that getting our foster homes to send in stories about the animals boosts our hits and adoptions tremendously. Learning to link to other places on the web is a huge help, as we can link to educational pieces (what to feed) as well as to the animal's individual profile. Blogs can be so much more than just an online diary. :)


Hey...while late..better than never...just thought i would let you know that because of your presentation i have engaged ryan and slowly undertaken the efforts to eventually create a bloggish thingy for the market...so many thanks for your presentation....

ohhhh I am rue to let my wife know about the information found here...we are originally from the east coast and my wife a once avid knitter pre kids...spent many a day at historic properties and then out in lawrencetown at the fleece artist...i am delighted to see they are still in business...

thanks again...if your ever in market stop by and say hi


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