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May 21, 2007



Several pairs of kilt hose, perhaps?


I vote for something with lace.... I'm planning a sweater out of mine. But I always "plan" to make a sweater...

Diane (Tailfeathers)

We make sun tea with fresh mint sprigs in it - delicious! A big jar (or jar with a spigot made for sun tea) a few tea bags, a few sprigs of mint, fill with water, put in sun until it is as dark as you like. Take out the tea bags, leave the mint in, drink for days and days.

(Your Sally looks like fun. Have a spinning good time.)


Small world, isn't it? I can't believe that I found the link to that farm on my own, talked to you about it, and then you knew about it all along. I'm going to have to put some time aside for road trips this summer.

My favorite summer herb is basil. We planted two kinds this year along with some tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. I'm looking forward to a home grown ratatouille.


The Fourniers say "The wool has excellent loft and body, a slightly crisp hand, and little luster....It is suitable for all preparation and spinning methods and is an excellent choice for a wide range of knitted and woven garments." They give it 3 1/2 stars out of 5 for felting, about as low as you can get for a fine wool. So there you go -- make anything you want. I find it maybe a little bouncy for lace but otherwise versatile & easy to spin. I'm stockpiling mine for a sweater now.


Mmm hello Sally! I hope she treats you well. Emma's going to make a sweater? Well I'll be a monkey's uncle! (You don't read these posts way down here, do you sunshine?)


Columbia is a nice, springy wool. It makes a bouncy and elastic yarn. It'd be good for anything - sweater, scarf, hat, blanket...


If you ever want help with that Icelandic - well, I have a Strauch Petite with 120tpi and a Patrick Greene that I'm convinced would work. So if you are ever in Michigan I'd love to help. I'm a sucker for those double coated fleeces.
Actually I'm a sucker for any fleece.


Will someone tell this man he's not going to ruin that fleece? And even if he did, well, that same sheep is already growing a new one.

Seriously, it doesn't felt more than merino. I know, its time will come. I should probably stop bugging you, since when you do discover the world of icelandic, the spinning world will never be the same.


Don't be thinkin' I don't read the comments, Lorraine! ;) And yes: mine's going to be a SWEATER!


Hmmm. I've been called many things. I've been compared to many things. But I don't think I've ever been likened to a robot before.

And what Cate said. :D

Ted Writes: Oops. Sorry Marcy. No comparison to the Robot intended.

Barb Brown

nag, nag, nag. Tag you're it.

Joan Schrouder

When Janet Mysse designed her Aran sweaters back in the 70s and 80s, she used commercially spun wool from their sheep ranch in Montana and I'm just about 100% sure that it was Columbia sheep. I bought some years ago - quite nice. I think she offered it in a 2- and a 3-ply. The st definition was quite crisp, yet the fabric hand was still pliable.


Sounds like you had a great day out ;-)

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