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September 17, 2007



So then I had to go look through Knitty to figure out how you were referred to. Those are nice socks. I suspect they were great fun to design (and it must be nice to inspire that sort of thing). Not sure if I want a sock pattern I actually have to refer to, though.

The chutney looks good. Hope all goes well with your parents move and you find someone to drive down to NY State with in October.


What JoVE said. Especially since we can't make it to FibreFest North to see you there.

The chutney looks excellent. I just need to track down the jelly apple pie recipe, since it's that time of year again.


Sorry, brain burp. I've updated the post so the link on Knitty points back to the sock pattern by Danny Ouellette. The Ravelry thing I can't link back to. I'm guessing there's a discussion about something that points back to the same post that Knitty links to. (I'm not even in the running for a Ravelry account or subscription or whatever it is...)


I really really hope you get some last-minute additions to FFN.


I'm still not on Ravelry. They are missing out. That's what I will tell myself. So, I think you should go to Rhienback and buy lots of yarn for me. Thanks!!!!

Kathy W

I know what you mean about driving by yourself. I'm the same way. I hope you can find someone to share the journey with. It sounds like you really want to go. Hope everything works out.


Say, I'll write your bio for you! ;-) Just kidding. I'll focus on being your panel moderator.

Will I expose myself as a complete Luddite if I share that I don't even know what Ravelry *is*?

Looking forward to FFN! I'll email you ex-commentia re a swag thought.


Did I ever mention that I love chutney?

(You got a recipe for that you can share?)


Good Luck with the moving. I't can be one of the most stressful things in the world so getting a little rest and private time to yourself might not be such a bad thing. I hope you get to go to the festival and get lots and lots of fiber!


I just made chutney last week. What sort of vinegar did you use?


I am in the same boat. Want to go but no companion (my husband would never hear of it)...too bad I live in Sudbury, or I'd so totally be up for a road trip. I couldn't drive that distance myself. I hope you get to go, and then I can live vicariously through your re-cap post.

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