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October 23, 2007



Spinderella will process any size fleece. She does a great job too. Google will find her for you.


I've passed on the word, Ted. Hope it works out.


Wait - someone left a wheel behind at the lodge and never came back for it? Did it have bad juju or something?

Ted writes: When the wheel's owner died, his partner didn't claim it.


*sigh* I was thinking I'd like to find a shetland fleece but I never made it over to the fleece sale. I did, however, meet the owner of Frelsi Farm Icelandics, which is only about an hour away from me. So a trip may be in order.

It was so good to get to see you, albeit briefly. I still haven't cracked open the apple butter, but I may just be in the mood for a before-bed snack tonight.

Diane in Chico

Okay, so you Eastern North Americans win a "Fall Display" blue ribbon. What beautiful color at Easton Mountain!

Hope your post-trip glow lasts a long time :-)


Aw, I'm getting stuck on the wheel. How sad that it's owner died, and that the partner was too grief-stricken to want it. But how happy that it found a new owner who will love it...

I guess I took my sentimental pill this morning....

Glad to see you, Ted. It meant the world to get a real-life hug from you. And don't you dare call that gorgeous red stole a schmatta!!! A masterpiece, more like.


It's on my life list. I've got to go at least once before I die. Watch out for a stow-away next year.


I've emailed you, Ted. I'm a 30 some miles from Troy NY and would be glad to lend your friend a helping hand.


WTG, outing more knitters. ;) Watch out, you'll be organizing an Easton Mountain Fibrefest...


Sounds like a perfect trip Ted... would have loved to have joined you. Well, soon...


Wow! I can see why you talk about Easton Mountain so often. Beautiful place and looks so peaceful. Glad that you decided to make the trip to Rhinebeck too!

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