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December 08, 2007



This may seem like nit-picking, but I thought you might be interested: the names used for shades of Shetland wool are specifically Shetland, not Scottish. I think I'm right in saying that most of them wouldn't be understood on the mainland, except by knitters. A lot of words used in Orkney and Shetland are Norse in origin, because of the repeated visits by the Vikings, not Scottish or Gaelic.

Mooskit (or musket) means mouse-coloured which is presumably why it is a little bit brown, a little bit grey. It certainly can, as you say, be a far from flattering shade, but your scarf looks beautiful.


I have a whole bunch of Jamieson's mooskit now, having ordered it by mistake for the wedding vest (which I need to cast on very soon) when I had intended to get mogit.

As to Helen's mention of Shetland's viking heritage, in looking back into my own Shetland lineage I have an ancestor named Barbara Henrysdaughter, who was born in the early 18th century, right about the time the Norn language spoken by the local Nordic population was dying out in favor of Scots.

And I do hope you sign on to Ravelry.


I like the scarf. I was planning on making that one myself one day, but I've gotten waylayed by flashier patterns.

Nancy Bush's patterns are always solid. Only, I always have to size up her ladies' sock patterns to fit my big feet.

You'll be inspired by Ravelry. Why not take TedtheKnitterGuy for your name? Or maybe it's too long?


Lovely work as always, and a very pleasant choice of color. I'm glad to hear that you can knit again. I'm not on Ravelry but I hear it's fun, and also that the listing stuff feature helps some people view their stash more accurately. Heck, it's free and you can always quit if it stops being either useful or fun.


Your shawl is beautiful - your work is always beautiful; this one in particular speaks to me. :) The sturdy, hap-shawl wearability is lovely.

Please do join Ravelry! It is an amazing resource and community - a truly special site. It blows my mind, what they have done and how it continues to improve. It's incredible!


Glad to hear your back is doing better. Also very happy to see more of your beautiful knitting.


I wouldn't miss the adventure of Ravelry. Don't sweat the user name thing, it's actually more about your avatar. How about "Knitterguytoo"? Who knows, the other Knitterguy might be your evil twin :-)

If blogs are like house parties, Ravelry is like a night out on the town. Get out of the house! ;-)

Terri Brown

Why not be knitterguy#1


So glad you are back Ted.......I love the shawl. You are an inspiration to me.


The person who has taken knitterguy on Ravelry is Jerry of 'When knitting was a manly art". You can find this out by searching for knitterguy, There are in fact three knitterguys, so you'll have to think abut how to make it clear which one you are. I like KnitterguyTed myself.

Judy G.



Beautiful work! Glad your back is better and that sitting isn't such a pain in the ass!!

You should definitely join Ravelry and upload your FOs; what an inspiration.


>>In fact, except for changing the size, stitch count, the location of some decreases and the yarn, I followed the instructions exactly as written. (Mark it on the calender.)<<

(cackling with laughter) Right, Ted. Only a knitter could make changes to a pattern, and then claim it was done exactly as written.

Join Ravelry! You could be TheNumberOneandOnlyKnitterGuy. Oh. Too long? #1KnitterGuy. KnitterGuy#1. KnitterGuyTed. TedKnitterGuy.

Your work is beautiful, as always.


Absolutely beautiful!




Thanks so much for the detailed post on Ene. It is a pattern I'd like to knit eventually, and I thought I might use some stash alpaca that is similar in weight to the recommended yarn and much like the color of yours--which is beautiful.


I think you should be THEKnitterGuy :)

Lovely knitting!


Do the Ravelry thing. I met the guy who's Knitterguy at SOAR this year. He's married to Fibergal. Great couple and lots of fun.

I like theknitterguy for you:-)


I like theknitterguy and KnitterguyTed, as well. Maybe, 1stKnitterguy or OriginalKnitterguy.
You should consider joining Ravelry since you truly have so much to contribute.


I bought a shetland fleece from Michele Minty last year and it was very hard to process...I told her what I thought and she insisted it was fine. It is still sitting in my basement.

Sharon Vogt

In my mind you are Knitterguy1.

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