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January 03, 2008



Did you take bathroom breaks????

Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! Guess I should get my spinning wheel out!


Sorry to hear you've been having health problems. I like your work-around for the nupps ... very clever!

Leslie - knitting therapist

I like your nupps better than mine! I did the singles and, being a left-handed more thrower than picker, had little trouble with the p5tog.

But I was a little disappointed that the nupps were not more obvious in mine - I will file your, always wonderful, advice for next time.

As for health, I can commiserate. I was diagnosed with RA this summer, with the worst of it settling in my hands. I could not knit at all during flares - couldn't even bend my left index finger. Things are better now, with meds - but then you get to worry about the meds...

Sending much warmth your way, Leslie

Lorraine Smith

Good lord this is spectacular. Thank you for sharing all the details! I hope your hands feel better. As a fellow carpal tunnel and eczema sufferer (although the latter only my feet/ankles, hence a non-knitting factor) I can attest that these things suck. May the beauty of the Swallowtail ease the pain.

Cheers to a glorious 2008. All the best, Lorraine


Very pretty! Nice alteration for the nupps; I'll have to remember that if I get bitten by the swallowtail bug.


Another alternative for completing the nupps is to slip all but the last stitch to the right needle (purlwise), then work the last stitch and pass the slipped stitches over it one by one. The P5tog (or K5tog) method yields an ever-so-slightly firmer nupp, but the difference is
really negligible.

The shawl and the yarn are gorgeous! I wondered what you'd end up doing with that Purple Haze...


That is beautiful work. But seven days, not including family visits? No wonder it was stressful. Rest on the laurels and knit more slowly!


Lovely, lovely, lovely. And yes, getting old does suck - my hands are doing exactly the same thing, so I'm going to spin and weave for a few weeks, and then go back to knitting.


The shawl turned out very nice, Ted. I hope you can get some PT for the hands, and please take it easy in the new year.


Beautiful, Ted! As always.

Yes, getting old does suck, doesn't it?

Er, was there a bit of depression in your last post? Do you have your SAD lights on?


Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the color variation, and I'm impressed with your hand spun! I might get to that level someday. Probably not soon.... LOL!


Email me. I have English combs, a picker and a drum carder. If you send me the Icelandic fleece, I can try to salvage it for you. If it is only partially felted or matted, I should be able to get you some decent fiber to spin.


I'm using a tablet mouse instead of a standard mouse at home now as I use a standard mouse a lot at work. It's helped with the carpal tunnel so far.

Beautiful work, Ted.


Beautiful project. I'm always awed by handspun shawls. There's something about the sheep to shawlness that has mystique.

The only thing worse than getting old is not getting old. I guess slowing down, and coddling the joints, and looking for PT might be the best ideas offered by previous commenters.


Finally catching up on your blog - and absolutely loving the swallowtail. Thanks for the detailed description of how you worked the nupps - what a clever idea. You're a smart dude.


I know this might sound weird, but I find push-ups help my knitting ailments. I also get numbness in my fingers and I get knitter's (tennis) elbow. But if I remember to do push-ups, not a lot, it helps. Maybe push-ups use opposing muscle groups or something?


The treatment for Carpal Tunnel is so much better now than it used to be. I suffered for years with numbness and it especially interfered with my sleep. I finally had the surgery and it was wonderful. I played tennis (with the incision padded) three weeks after the procedure. I could knit the next day, although not very quickly. I have a 1 inch incision in my palm and am very happy to have it. Bev


what a GORGGGGGGGeous shawl! BBBBBBBeautiful job!

(and no I don't stutter......only on the web the fingers stutter when I am overcome!)


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