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April 27, 2008



Cool looking plant, and very nice yarn.

As for the RSS feed picture warning... I'm subscribed to your feed (via Google Reader). I don't care if there's a warning for pictures or not. Google Reader does, in fact, show pictures that are part of the feed. Not all RSS readers work the same, though, so others may not.


It depends on the RSS 'server' (whether the feed will send the photos versus cut you off after twenty words and not show photos), as well as the reader. Bloglines showed me your photos. Looks like the autofocus function on your camera is having problems with the yarn. Stoopid technology!


My reader shows pictures. Sometimes it depends on how you set your blog. You can decide whether we see the whole post or just the first few lines. If click-throughs matter to you, I guess you do the latter.

Anyway, great flower. You should listen to Ontario Today on Mondays at lunchtime. They have a gardening phone in. You could call and ask that question. And heck, you might find some of the others interesting. I'm not a big phone in show fan but Ed Lawrence is good on gardening.

anne marie in philly

the yarn turned out bee-you-tee-ful, ted!

and your plant is my favorite shade of red.

getting a wee bit excited about the retreat, eh? ;-)


my mom lets her anthuriums grow wild (and outside), but i found this link for you:


you can click on the link for anthuriums. it sounds like you might be able to get more than one plant when you prune. good luck!


I love the blue. Light blue-green? What a coincidence, I was just reading about watchet. (Watchet, originally a slightly greenish light blue fabric, seems to have become associated with any blue yarn, became "wassit" for dark blue guernseys knitted in Yorkshire.) Stay warm, have a great retreat.



That pot looks awfully small for the plant (it's hard to tell scale), but the weird stem thing may be happening because the plant doesn't have enough room to grow. You may want to repot.


There's one of those plants in the office! It's got a whole bunch of those read leaves on it.. Most amazing thing.

Have you tried re-potting it? It looks like it may like a bit more leg room. I see you have some Amarylis too. I have several, but they haven't bloomed for me this year. Maybe they weren't treated well?

That blue-green is the hardest to photograph.. as is red. And trying to get close enough to see the yarn, and still stay in focus. Looks good anyway. What you gonna make with it?


I have a bunch of those plants growing outside my house in Tampa. I can't kill them even thought I pull them up all the time....so, I would do what I do: neglect it.
Just kidding of course. Actually, I probably would cut off the main stalk and make the pup the new main plant. I tend to be pretty cruel when it comes to plants, so if I killed it by doing the above, I would go out and get another....

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