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May 30, 2008



What a great idea! I really like the way you chose to run that exchange; it's certainly one of the most interesting exchange concept I have seen. Thanks for sharing it - it's really inspiring!


We do something similar at our guild the Wasatch Woolpack. I started it a couple of years ago. We have not had many takers, but we are doing it this year again and I have people asking me if we are going to do it again this year. Here is what we do:


I had the balls to actually knit with what I spun when I started and that taught me that knitting hides a lot of flaws in the yarn. Sometimes I look at what I spin and think it looks kind of crappy but when it is knit up, it looks fine.

Congrats on encouraging some folks to do that. I saw Joe's post about this and look forward to seeing what others did.


Uggghhh!!!!! I totally suck at spinning. So, I guess I can fall in the suck at spinning, good at knitting category. I tried spinning with Chris and ended up fu**ing up his wheel. That's how spinning impaired i am! :) Sorry Chris.

I can't way to see the fiber to scarf exchange. I think it'll be great. I'll just stand by and watch from afar.

And I'm not going to do the meme. Well, maybe, but I'm boring........ and maybe a little lazy too. I might write something over the weekend!

Luv ya!


Deborah Robson

How nice to see that article/idea rediscovered. I know the folks who originated it loved it, and others who played with it at the time all came away delighted. That was pre-major-internet-connection, so they didn't have the problem of novice/well-known spinner mix. Good solution to that. Nice fiber honestly spun is a pleasure, regardless of the skill level.


I was aghast to find out that my performance anxiety was common. You can't imagine how obsessed I was at trying to come up with the perfect yarn for the fiber and the perfect scarf for the yarn.

It's funny, I can't even remember what roving I sent you for the exchange. I think it was some merino something or other.

I guess public mocking of the resulting scarf wouldn't be very appropriate?


I just got mine in the mail last night from Danny, and as I sat down to get started on the knitting (for my own) last night, I had a momentary panic attack. I'll send a photo very soon - Danny did a bang-up job... he handled the fiber like a pro, and the results are fantabulous.


Can't tag you because you tag me, but I did the meme and you're one of the people that I would like to know better. L:)


I wish I could have been a part of your Fiber to Scarf fun but I was too busy working and traveling. Well. The travel is OVER!!! Company decided it's just too expensive now. Thank God. So next year, I'm in.

I still have my first plyed skein, which I drag out onto the blog every so often to encourage beginners. Hey, it may look like crap but it was my crap and I remember being thrilled that I actually produced something. Novices just need to know that it's practice, all the way. Spin some every day and you'll get there. And WTF wants perfect anyhoo? (Well, me, but I'm just awesomely anal-retentive sometimes.)

Julian Jefferson

I do wish everyone would enjoy their craft and not get hung up about whether they are good enough. My spinning is rather haphazard which I like because my knitting/ crochet/ lace is contemporary. In order to become a so called expert you need to concentrate on that one accomplishment. Life if far tooooo short for that - but I do admire those that take the time. My spinning teacher did say to me that teaching spinners to add slubs etc to make fancy yarns was difficult she was highly amused that I could master so called fancy yarns i.e. uneven yet had not mastered the finner consistent yarn. One of these days I might - well I won't at the moment as the spinning wheel is up in the loft!!!!

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