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May 20, 2008



::intake of breath:::

I love that picture!

And it's interesting to note so many talk about this "magic" that happened...so, so true.


One...and I stress ONE of the greatest parts of the event...was getting a much better understanding of who people are.

Folks that read my blog seem to have an opinion of me that's pretty close to what they get when they meet me in person. Kenny is also like that...very accessible through his writing, and so adorable even without meeting him.

But guys like Ted and Sean and Michael and a bunch of other guys I only know through Ravelry or the Men Who Knit site, are far more amazing than I expected.

I was truly lucky to have gotten to know everyone there.


You're right - well, everyone's right - I have no idea what it was that made the weekend so amazing. I mean, I feel like my epiphany was a bit unrelated to knitting - maybe it would have happened if I'd come to Easton for something else. In the end, I think it's probably best if we don't ask - I for one just want to accept the great blessing of a great weekend with a great group - and make reservations for the fall.

Great meeting you - look forward to seeing you again soon.


PS Look how cute my wheel looks among all the "big girl" wheels!


After an important event that needed all your efforts and input and presence, it is natural that the words don't flow as easily.

I am so glad that everything went so well and appear to be all you could have wanted it to be.

The setting was gorgeous, everyone looks relaxed and the knitting is impressive. Congrats to you and Joe.

(And have you started planning for next year?)

anne marie in philly

wow! fabu pix, ted!

congrats on a successful event!


The best events are the ones that are indescribably wonderful. I'm glad that everything worked out for everyone and all had a space to share.


Oh Drat. I posted in the pre-event area. I'm such a techno-doofus. I'll state again that it sounds like you had a wicked event and I'm very much looking forward to the AUDIO!


Sounds and looks so fantastic! I am glad that you all had a weirdly wonderful experience. I wish that I were there instead of in the middle of a family feud!

Congrats on the success! Looking forward to see more in the future.


What's this I read about making reservations for the fall? ;-)

Looks like a great weekend was had by all.


Looks fantastic but you know - I kinda feel left out bein a girl and all.
So....I tagged you for a meme so now you have to do it:-)


It's so great to relive the weekend... it's gonna stay with me for a long, long, long time.

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