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June 15, 2008


Danny Ouellette

I'm glad Donna thinks she can save this. And glad you had a good day with her and K. and Rob. Sounds like just what you were needing.

My day was pretty good - dye class with Harriet Boon and then to Lettuce Knit for Franklin's photo shoot and wishing the Harlot a happy b'day. I even got some knitting done!

It tells you how frazzled I was at the end of that day. I had to rip back 8 rows on a pair of socks cause I couldn't count to 4! It's all repaired. Thankfully I cought it now and not after the heel was turned. That would have just pissed me off.


Hooray for "just some residue". When in doubt, ask someone who actually knows something.
My weekend has been pretty good. I just finished a hat and the pattern works; it's amazing how much difference it makes when you use the right yarn.

Deborah Robson

The only problem is waiting until December, but it beats heck out of pitching a nice fleece.

Weekend: Estes Park Wool Market! Just fine!


Congrats! I'm glad it wasn't dandruff. :)


Hooray! I'm glad that it's salvageable.


I'm glad it's salvageable, too. Will she card all of it, if it seems ok?
You'll have to come up with another fleece to hand-process yourself, then.

Weekend: worked all day Saturday, as usual; spent Sunday (Father's Day) watching DVDs with the hubster, then cooked him a fabulous dinner of his favorites.

And last night ripped back more than half of the current project, due to a miscrossed cable in the 10th repeat. If it had been JUST cables, I might have dropped down to fix the offending stitches, but it's the Wakame Lace Tunic (see my Ravelry WIPs - yarnpro) & that just wasn't gonna happen. Oh well.


Hooray for Donna! May she have no neps!

My weekend was quite nice, spent singing in concert for Pride weekend then spent watching the Pride parade and feasting on home-brined corned beef. A splendid way of spending a birthday.

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