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October 25, 2008



It's flat-out gorgeous - super spinning, super knitting - wow!!!


Believe me, for once, I was rendered speechless. It is unbelievably gorgeous in person -- no photo could ever capture it's lusciousness. (I got the shawl pin from Morgaine at Carolina Homespun.) You touched my heart, Ted, and I am forever grateful.


I remember you working on that at the retreat. It's absolutely stunning! Lucky Carol!


That shawl is lovely. Have a great time at the retreat. I'm glad the accomodations worked out.

Deborah Robson

Exquisite. Thank you for knitting Evelyn's superlative concept in stunning handspun. The life in the yarn is visible in two dimensions translated across miles through electrical transmission and pixels. That's powerful.

anne marie in philly

no wonder they call you the lace master!

lerve the color and the design; you could not have chosen a better person to gift with your hard work!

::green (or is that teal?) with envy:: ;-)


How beautiful. My favourite colour and a lovely pattern, which I had completely overlooked because the photo on EC's site is so poor. I do like her designs.

Fiber Ninja

Wowzer! I didn't know that lovely piece of lace-candy around Carol's neck was the work of your hands. I was coveting it most of the day and evening. Actually, I was coveting the lace knitting skills to produce such a stunning item.


What a wonderful gift! You've chosen a lovely pattern, and your yarn is beautiful - it makes for a truly gorgeous shawl!

Linda Cunningham

I'm in awe -- it's gorgeous, Ted!

And can I ever sympathize with your comments about being U.S.-bound: I was thinking of applying for a residency in Illinois next fall, but with the dollar turning turtle so fast, I'm thinking that Mississauga is looking a lot better for a funding application....


i am so glad you are able to travel to san francisco! i hope the nice weather we are having stays around for you.
your blog was the first knitting blog i read. your beautiful lace work has been an inspiration to me, and introduced me to sharon miller and her heirloom knitting. thank you for showing me what i could aspire to. my daughter should thank you too, since i knitted her an unst stole for her wedding.


The shawl is really lovely and you spinning perfect! Have fun at the retreat.


Honey, that shawl is spectacular and Carol is one lucky lady! And on a more selfish note, I'm sooooooo jazzed that you're coming to Bay Area. I'm steaming the red carpet as we "speak".

Safe Journeys!!!


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