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November 16, 2008



We actually have quite a number of Priuses (Prii?) in our neighbourhood here in Maine, though I'm not sure if the density is as high as in SF. I think my next car, however, will be a smart.


Part of why there are so many Priuses is that there was a push to make hybrids (and really fuel-efficient cars) eligible for the HOV lane (Carpool lane), even with a single person in the car.

That extra 20-30 minutes not spent in bumper to bumper traffic drove a lot of hybrid sales.


When we were in Victoria about 18 months ago they were also very noticeable, but mainly because the big taxi company had invested heavily in them. Makes me wonder why taxi companies other places haven't done the same. You'd think it would be to their advantage financially.


The garden of my dreams....roses and dahliahs in November.... makes me chartreuse with envy. This is what you can have without a Canadian winter..* smile
I have never seen dahlias so tall. Oh to have such a garden to sit in and knit away the hours.


Holy Toledo!!! That garden is amazing. I'm speechless.


Wow. Roses in November. I'm in Scotland, the only thing I grow in November is gills. Beautiful garden, that's pretty much how I would like mine but (not wishing to cast aspersions on your horticultural knowledge) are you sure that's a dahlia? It's HUGE!


What a lovely garden. We don't get ten foot dahlias here in Oregon. Not enough sun. We do have many Priuses running around the streets though. Makes me wonder how they find their cars in the parking lot.

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