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January 11, 2009



Generally, I'd agree w/ your nephew, but Office for Mac is sooooo expensive.

Ann McDonough

Buy a Mac. And read this:


buy a mac! LOL

leslie - knitting therapist

Buy the new Mac Book Pro and upgrade to 8M of RAM and get the fastest processor speed you can.

That level of Mac Book was 5 grand 2 years ago - now it's 2, 300.

Oh, and get the 17" screen, we're not getting any younger y'know.

Linda B

I'm with your nephew, too. BUY A MAC. And don't worry about buying Office. Get NeoOffice instead. IT'S FREE and it does everything Office does. It even opens Office files, and you can save as Office documents. I've used it for years and have never had a problem using it with Office supported documents.



Buy a mac. There are loads of ways you can interact with office programs!


Buy a Mac. There hasn't been a problem for Mac users who also use a PC for years.


That conversation is hilarious!


Looks like all those MAC/PC TV spots are paying off...

Deborah Robson

The other thing I've learned (having just changed from PC to Mac) is that it matters a lot less WHICH Mac you buy than it does which PC you buy. In other words, I have a small Mac that is now doing all the work of my big PC. So "buy a Mac" makes more sense than it would seem to at first. Buy the Mac you want: its processor will be fine. You only need to be concerned if you're doing very computer-challenging work (like mega-graphics).

My eyes aren't getting younger, either, but the 13.3" MacBook screen is doing just fine because it has nice resolution. I'll be hooking it up to the desk monitor some time, but have not felt rushed to do so.

I am doing spreadsheets and word processing in iWorks (the Apple suite), which saves to MS formats. The only problem is that--at least in the spreadsheet--it can do so many tricks that Excel can't do that I'm not how the translation will go on some of the nicer things I'm doing.

When I bought my Mac a few weeks ago, I had the option of getting MS Office for it quite reasonably. That price may only be available when a machine is purchased. I passed, because I've had so many problems in the past two years that I want to change hardware AND software as completely as possible.


I thought mac love was overrated, and, as someone who has worked with computers most of her life, I was skeptical that I'd like and use a mac as my primary computer, but I'm on my 2nd, and our household's 3rd. I can do whatever I need to do with my mac, including run office natively, or run it in Parallels under windows.

When I am *forced* to use the PC (in our home office), I grumble about it, and 9x out of 10, have to wait for it to come back into a usable state because microsoft put out update x.x.x.2 and the default is :force all users to upgrade and reboot."

As a pc-user, a unix admin, a tinkerer in programming, and an artist using adobe's products, I will heartily give macs the thumbs up.

Diane in Chico, CA

Pentium processors are older. Here is the Intel performance page, which doesn't mention "pentium."

Lots of mac lovers commenting. I'll be the lone Windows advocate. I've been a happy Windows user for many years. Windows 7 beta chatter on Twitter is positive, so if you must buy Vista now, you can always upgrade to Windows 7 later. I've toyed with switching to linux or mac but always come home to the system I know, the one that runs all my apps well without problems.


buy a mac. i love my mac. i think i would love my sister's even more.

Danny Ouellette

I can throw in my 2cents for getting a mac. I have both at home, and I'm finding I'm using my PC less and less.

I'm also thinking of getting a new computer and leaning towards a Mac.

And the Mac can also dual boot to run Windows, so if MS office and other things that are windows only are a must, then you can still have XP or Vista running on the Mac machine.


Just another thing to think about.


Whatever you buy, wait 'til February. Mercury has gone retrograde...


Judith in Ottawa

Seriously. Dude. Buy a Mac.


I still make my living programming on Mac and PC with different clients. My computer is a MAC!!!! Buy a Mac. (Buy not the MacBook Air.)

Lorraine Smith

Indeed, buy a mac. For pay I do spreadsheests, reports and presentations all day (MS Office) and for fun I do Spinners' Quarterly (InDesign, Photoshop, and other Adobe goodies), all on my little iBook.

They're more expensive sometimes, but you get what you pay for.



Buy a MAC

Matthew Hesson-McInnis

Okay, at this point, do you really need yet another person to tell you to buy a mac? Buy a mac! I say go for a Mac Book 13" -- I upgraded to a 2.0ghz with 2gb ram & 160gb HD just a few weeks ago; I was a little leary that I would miss the old 17'' powerbook screen, but I find that the exceptional resolution and leopard "Spaces" let me have the extra screen real estate a keystroke away but with a lot less weight to lug around. I *hated* hauling the 17'' behemoth around after a while & often left it at home if I had to fly anywhere because of the airport lug factor.

You'll find it seamless to work with Office files. Plus, you'll have the advantage of the new gestures for the trackpad, using two fingers to scroll U,D,L,R, three fingers to navigate forward & backward through web pages or window navigation & four fingers to navigate through open apps.

Finally, get an external hard drive (but not necessarily the one apple pushes) so you can use Time Machine to backup your HD. The retrieval interface is one of the best conceived (and I used to play sys-admin & use retrospect to retrieve files out of the backups for a 40 person department, and believe me this is worth the $99 for a 320gb external HD to know that your files are safe).


Just do it. Buy the MAC.

Even if you have to buy all new programs for various things, in the balance you will not be sorry. Just the opposite.


Dude. You know what you should do?

Buy. A. Mac.

Changed my life, and I interact with PC users all the time, sending them my things and them sending me theirs and it's never caused a moments grief.

Mac. Buy.

Linda Cunningham

C'mon Ted: you're smart: you spin, you knit, you're organized and fabulous.

Only dorky, uncreative, incompetent, pseudo-macho, creepy hetero guys really want a PC....



Buy a Mac, Ted. You won't regret it.


Selective hearing much? LOL. I have a PC because it was a gift from my family. While I love it, I know when it croaks I'm going to get a MAC! You might want to consider it :-)

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