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January 03, 2009


anne marie in philly

I'll take the "pacific" colorway for $200, alex! LOL


Steve of Spindlewoodco is making bottom whorls with either a hook or a groove to hold the yarn. He will design it any way you want (ie no groove if that is what you prefer). I don't think there are pix upon his website, but email him. He is wonderful to work with.


wow, nice lace weight. Happy New year ted! I'm going to also be at the retreat in 2009. Can't wait to meet up with you guys again.

On the side note, you got any experience with Neibling patterns? I have a question that I want to ask you.



Glad to hear you are feeling better, Ted. And Happy 2009.


Both lace weights are just soooo pretty! What a wonderful job you've done once again.

Happy New Year!!


Hi Ted! Happy New Year!

The yarn is gorgeous!

David and I will be at the retreat - can't wait to see you!


Beautiful yarn. I like the way the Fleece Artist turned out.

And I know your company has a contract for the work, but it still seems very strange that they are laying off people in your line of business in a recession. Seems like this would be when demand for your services go up.


The reality of the MSKR is getting very exciting.

That cormo looks so soft...I hope it spins up beautifully.

I am quite envious of the Pacific Colourway lace...I'm attempting to do something similiar with Black Bunny Fiber merino, but it's not looking quite as nice as yours.

chris from briar rose fibers

ooooohhhooooo Ted, dark cormo to overdye...lucky you!!!! and lot's of it!!!

Fiber Ninja

Don't buy a spindle just yet! I think I have two that will fill the bill. Definitely the low whorl with a t-notch instead of a hook. I also will have some books and other goodies to use for gifts. So glad you're feeling better.


Geeze, you spun that yarn all on a spindle? That must have taken AGES. I am extremely impressed.

Linda Cunningham

Welcome back to the land of the somewhat-surviving, Ted. The yarns look fabulous, and I agree that the Fleece Artist one will look terrific when it's knitted up (barber-poling like that always freaks me out too).



beautiful yarn! Looks so yummy. I bet it knits up beautifully.


Holy cow! All that beautiful Cormo! You could hang it on a wall, and call it art, it's that beautiful.


beautiful blue. my favorite.


All that fiber to spin looks like it will never end. It also looks very enticing. I have so much in my "wool room" that I am tempted to go and have a look at what I have( I call it goin shopping). Check it all out and see what I can make happen.

the Lady

So, I assume the white bits of smear on the Cormo fleece went away with the factory washing? By the way, you've probably already picked this up by now, but human shampoo + Cormo (super greasy!) = never rid of the lanolin. I've had excellent results with the Unicorn brand Power Scour, in case you ever get another fleece that you need to wash. Plus turn up your hot water heater.

And nice yarn! I'm so impressed - that's a ton of spindle action! And I know what you mean about plying that stuff - I (wheel) plied just 2 oz of laceweight and it took a ridiculous amount of time! Hours! So weird!

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