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March 21, 2009




I am feeling increasingly old and grumpy about technological developments.


The Husband is pushing for me to get a Blackberry. I'll wait til this thing is in production, too cool.



Deb Robson

Fascinating and weird. I love that they're doing this. I wonder if people would lose the ability to use and trust their natural senses?

Last night I had dinner with a woman who is training two people. One thinks he is paying attention when he's "only" texting while listening to her instructions.

When we think we should know things so quickly, do we get impatient with the process of learning and discovery?

I am glad they are figuring this out, and I think it will have some extremely beneficial applications . . . used intelligently.

Matthew Myatt

I am 'nephew A'. Ted should GET A MAC!


For some reason the video's not showing on your blog. Do you have the URL?


Well, that's odd, Duffy. It shows when I watch it in Firefox on a machine running WIN XP.

In any case, here's the URL


Matthew Myatt

I am still nephew A. Start with the TV Ted instead...they do have Apple TV, I think it would go nicely with a new Mac.

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