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March 07, 2009



Oh, that Vivaldi was beautiful! I just got done (literally half an hour ago) performing a concert consisting entirely of 20th (and 21st) century music. The tonal sonorities of Vivaldi sound so much better after two hours of, well, less than tonal music. :)


If you can... find a sunny window and sit in the warm light; maybe nap in the warm light. Hope that helps.

Spring is springing here in Northern California. Forsythia is yellow and bright. Violets are blooming. There are buds on the Pistachio trees. Almond and tulip trees are in full bloom. Tulips and Daffodils are coming up. Peony is leafing out. Life is good.


The crow activity around here has been considerable for a couple of weeks. I live right near the experimental farm and sometimes a whole field is black with them. And there will be lots in trees on our street in the early evening. I never thought of this as a sign of spring, but it makes sense.

More interesting is the increased small bird activity. My cat has drawn my attention to that as he asks to come in and then gets distracted at the door/window.

I'm sorry to hear that you are so tired, mere acquaintances are remarking on it. I hope the Spring Retreat is rejuvenating though it might not come soon enough.

Linda Cunningham

We've had strange bird sightings here: our neighbourhood robin was singing his "I'm the best robin in all the land" territorial song during a chinook last month, which was quite amazing. Spotted him on the telephone pole in the alley as well.

But for "signs of spring," I'll take the flickers staking out the good old trees in our neighbourhood -- we've had two males duelling loudly when the temperature is above freezing.


How do you know so much about music? I fear I have forgotten all I learned for my degree...it's not often I need to think about concerto grosso any more :(


it's nice to hear from you!
spring has arrived here where i live. but winter may try for a brief comeback.


I live in Northern Ohio, along Lake Erie and I saw my first snowdrops the other day. It is wet and soggy and cool here, but the bird activity has massively picked up. I hope spring comes soon, because the grey, rainy days get me down.


Spring and birds! Finally something to distract the cat.
Good music choice. Thanks.


Here in Scotland, Spring is *finally* starting to show her face - I have a solitary daffodil blooming, and the snowdrops are just going over. It's still soggy mind...Hope the improved weather helps with your health, I know it always makes me feel considerably better!


Thank you for leaving this YouTube post of the Vivaldi -- one of my absolutely favorite pieces!

Barb B.

Spring? spring? what does that word mean? I ask this as I pull on the longjohns, and the flannel lined jeans ready for work. 20 Below Zero yesterday. Though they say it should be just at freezing today...I am crossing my fingers but will beleive it when I see it.
Swag for the retreat is on its way shortly.

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