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May 10, 2009



Oh dear, Buffy has lace weight. That is good to know.

And your lace spinning is lovely. Why is it that you think you aren't good enough to go to SOAR?

Have a great time at the retreat. I hope you return rejuvenated.


Love your knitting. Love your writing about knitting.

I know it takes some effort to write something useful. Thanks!

Have fun at the retreat :-)


Good thing the camera has a zoom function. Those plies are so fine, they're almost microscopic.

Deborah Robson

So glad you're going to the retreat!

Lovely scarf. Splendid laceweight. I almost always think my yarn could use some more twist. As long as it's structurally sound, though, hey, it's handspun, and such a delight to use.


gorgeous. :) (both projects). thanks for the tips - i've been eyeballing that scarf pattern.

forgot about the retreat - i'm actually likely going to be in OS tomorrow but you won't be.

have a very fun time!

Kyle Kunencke

what a beautiful bit of lace... oh if I only had the patience... you're a gem, darlin' - it was WONDERFUL to get to see you again in NY!!


lovely spinning! i find that for things like this i overply 20%. it relaxes in the wash. but for lace it might also decrease the softness factor. but, then again, if it fuzzes that may be a good thing!

great to see you at MSKR!

Fiber Ninja

How many wraps per inch did you get on that absolutely amazing preparation and spinning of the most luscious wool on earth?

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