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May 23, 2009



Damned if I know. An iPhone is still a consideration for me at some point, but finding it hard to justify the additional expense at the moment.


Have you considered an Ipod Touch? It's basically an Iphone that isn't a phone. It plays music, can access the web over wifi, I'm sure there's an address book available, and it can definitely take notes...


An iPod Touch might work for you. I'm going to get an iPhone in June/July when the new models come out. I've been using a Palm Treo but wanting wifi and gps. I considered an iPod Touch, but there are many places where there is no wifi. iPhone only works on AT&T in the US (Rogers for you in Canada). The monthly fee for iPhone is a big negative.

The Palm Pre is good too, but only available on Sprint in the US (Bell Mobility for you). And the Palm Pre wouldn't have those cool knitting apps like iPhone. It would probably still have a big monthly fee.

When I go to Sock Summit in August, I can use the iPhone to figure out public transit stops :-)

I vote iPhone for you, if the monthly expenses are worth it to you and if the network is good; otherwise, a Palm Pre.

Elizabeth L in Apex, NC

My technie husband recommends either the Palm Pre or the iPhone. (Same as Diane.)

As for keeping the phone off some of the time, the accessibility is good but if you don't want to be a slave to it, then don't. Turn the thing off!

And, regarding the ripping songs from your CDs... I am 99% sure that it is considered Fair Use to rip songs from CDs that you own to your MP3 player. As long as you don't recopy and distribute, or use someone else's CDs as a source, you are fine.


I think that clean-the-bathroom thing's going to be the killer. If you find one that does, don't be reticent.


Fun! The gadget should be fun to use so that you want to pick it up and use it. If it's got a horrible interface that makes it a chore to use, you've wasted your money.


I put off getting an IPhone for a long time. Finally succumbed almost a year ago. It fills the bill completely (except for the bathroom thing). It's awesome. Easy to use, great applications. I recommend Reqall for both your computer and the phone, and Evernote. The integration of the calendar/address book/maps/Emails/phone is perfect. I use the GPS/map address function all the time to find places. Great photo/Flickr and blogging integration as well. I recently spent a month completely untethered from any computer, and while I missed my MacBook Pro, the IPhone completely met all my myriad needs.
There's a very helpful IPhone users group on Ravelry too


I have a GPS in my 3-year-old cell phone and it can be set for no-toll and no highway. If I get lost following an irresistible dirt road, it will get me back on the right road. I can access email and read blogs with my phone. I can take snapshots with my phone and send them (can't do that with an Iphone!) via text message. If I wanted to, I could record my own directions onto my phone before I left home and play them back as if it were a
GPS, after checking for road repairs and closed roads on the internet before I left. It's like a netbook, but without the need for wifi. I think Iphones are more expensive than they'e worth, being priced for people obsessed with status (being cool). A Mac, however, is something I've dreamed of purchasing, but haven't been able to afford, because it's so much more fun than a PC.


Ditto the I-Touch. Except for the cleaning the bathroom part and if I figure that app out, I'll let you know.

You'd need a wireless plan but it does everything you want without the phone app and without the photo app.

Alan (RareSteek)

My head hurts.


I don't have a cell phone to be accessible, I have it for my convenience. And it's the only phone I have--no land line. Remember, other people call you at their convenience, not yours.

Just because a piece of technology offers you uses doesn't mean you have to use them all....


I vote for an Ipod touch. I'm getting one for some of the same reasons. I already have a cell phone and the plan works for me since all calls to my family are free (we're all on the same service). The touch is an IPhone without the cell, so perfect

Bob in Tampa

Here's my suggestion.
First of all, get a MacBook laptop and dump any desktop computer or other laptop you have. I did this recently and I am happy with the portability and ease of access.
Next, the cell phone issue. I, like you, do not like using the phone that much except as a tool. My partner, on the other hand, loves his phone and talking. So, for me, I have a basic service while my partner can google while we somewhere if we need anything. Thus, I urge you to purchase a phone like this (Mario has a blackberry, which is somewhat comparable to the Iphone). You'll find it useful to some extent. However, the new GPS systems are cheap and easy to use. Thus, if you are really not into the phone applications and want just directions of locational information, go with a good and cheap GPS system and the laptop. But, for sure, go with the mac laptop. I cannot imagine working with a PC at home (I have them at work).


I'm in the similar situation where I wanted the functions of the iPhone but not the phone part. My solution turned out to be a used HP iPAQ which has wifi capability and Bluetooth. It synchs with my laptop so that I can transfer the address info I have in my email app on the device.

My phone's a TracFone, which I don't know if it's available in Canada but is nice to have.


The I-Touch does NOT have a GPS and so won't fit the bill. I have an I-phone and I love it! You can turn it to vibrate if you don't want the phone to ring. An neither one will clean the bathroom, but there is an app for shopping lists!


I think I have to cast another vote for an iTouch. I don't think you sound like you want a cell phone, and paying a monthly fee for something you don't want (and will not be a low fee) is kind of silly in my book. In my humble opinion you will be happier with an iTouch for all the awesome features and apps available, and get a separate GPS unit for the car. It will probably cost you less in a year than an iPhone with the monthly phone plan.


All these things are just more plastic, metal and chemicals that will end up in a landfill someday.

Nothing is so urgent or immediate as most folks seem to believe.

I find the I-Phone very compelling, but I don't need one, and if my work didn't pay for my cell phone, I'd definitely be getting the cheapest-for-emergencies-only service I could possibly purchase.

I-Phones and the like...convenient?...yes...necessary...uh, no.


I have a new 3G iPhone and it is a love/hate relationship. The battery is just not up to the task -- using it for Google Maps rapidly drains the battery. And the calendar doesn't sync accurately with my Outlook. But the apps are fun and the weather, world clock, weather and stock quotes are great.


OK, I cannot live without my iPhone! Don't have the new 3G, have the original so I can't speak for battery life. phone, camera, address book, iPod, Facebook, Twitter, email, text, GPS, web surfing...indispensable!


I just got a basic, no-camera, second hand cell phone in Feb. Made perhaps 3 calls with it; it's rung twice (that I've heard)...once was a computerized telemarketer! I got it because my kids are in school and I wanted to be accessible as they don't have any other person to turn to. THey haven't fallen and broken their arm yet :) One time I had an accident (pre-phone), everyone who stopped couldn't get a signal on their cell phone. A pre-paid phone card or a roll of quarters is probably more useful. I love maps, but I prefer the permanence of paper maps. It's fustrating to print out a small map, get to where you're going, and find out you want to go some where else too but it's not on the tiny map. GPS might help, but what if the battery dies?
I do love my MP3 player. I could copy CDs right to it, although the quality wasn't great and it used up a lot of memory. You can voice record on it, and have pictures/vidoes. Wish it could work as a camera though.
I'm not a technophile at all. But I do love using the computer and the internet and miss it when I don't have it. But really, we CAN get by without being in constant conact :)


What you want is a servant, a houseboy, that will take notes, take quality photos and upload them to your friends, drive you around, do the shopping, AND clean the bathroom as well as take any phone messages so you do not have to deal with bothersome people.

I haven't had a phone now for 6 months. No one calls anyway. Don't miss it at all, don't need it, and have saved some money (I think), and am still alive. The world didn't come to a screeching halt!

I know -- you NEED it.

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