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June 07, 2009



Pfft. This old woman can do it, so can you.

With your Nano you got a white charger/connecter thingy. Plug the one end into the Nano, the other end into your USB port on your 'puter. The Nano and iTunes should introduce themselves to each other. iTunes should start by itself when you plug in the Nano. If it doesn't, start it. iTunes checks to see what music you want downloaded and does that magically if you have the autodownload part set.

This is also how you charge your Nano. Don't unplug it until it's finished charging. If you do, you make it cranky and then you have to reset it and then you're into techie things that do require teenagers.


Your 16GB Nano will take you a long way. My 8GB Nano is not even half full and I've uploaded tons of music.

What I've found as a very non-teen in this electronic age, is that first I do something by the book; then by rote; and, if I'm lucky, it actually makes some sense. You're much younger so I'm sure you'll be able to skip a step or two. Most of all...enjoy!


I have an 8GB Nano. Right now it's loaded with 4 audio books, several podcasts, and enough music to keep me entertained for hours. And the music is sorted by genre, if you please.

Have fun with it!

PS: After you figure out how to sync the iPod with iTunes, and after the sync is complete, then press iTunes' little down arrow (aka the eject button) next to the iPod's entry in the list on the left side of the iTunes screen - that's how you convince iTunes to let go of the Nano. Once you have done that the Nano's display shouldn't prohibit you from unplugging.

anne marie in philly

we will be here when you return.

Kyle Kunnecke

I love my ipod... wish you were closer so that we could talk tech a bit more... not that I know anything...

actually, I'd rather just sit and knit with ya! but you're far away from sunny Southern CA... so boo.

love ya!!

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