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October 03, 2009



Happy birthday, Ted!
Fibre, fresh fruits, and local wine - that sounds like a really nice road trip!
Your piece of info about the wineries reminded me of the days when I was working in a local winery (wow, over fifteen years ago already!). The story is pretty much the same here with regards to distribution; you have the LCBO, we have the SAQ (Société des Alcools du Québec)...


Happy birthday! 50 is a nice round number. :-)

Thanks for the link to the Fiber Garden. Sounds like some interesting blends there. I'll be watching their site.

L.M. Cunningham

Happy B-day Ted! I can't think of anything better than fresh fruit and wine (and fibre!) to celebrate with.

We toured a few wineries when we were out in 2006 -- small ones that most people outside of the area likely haven't heard of -- and look forward to going back when we're out next year.

I'll add The Fibre Garden onto my list of places to visit (and on Ravelry too!)



California Red Sheep were born just down the road from me, so they must make very nice wool - at least, I hope so :-)

Hope the people at work didn't embarrass you too much. Happy birthday! Enjoy your fruit and wine.


Happy Birthday Ted! Sounds like you gave your self a wonderful birthday.

anne marie in philly

happy happy birthday ted! and 50...my my...a milestone to be sure...

(said the woman who turned 55 last month)

best wishes for the upcoming year!


Hippo birdies to ewe, Ted! Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating your *ahem* 50th natal anniversary.

The shawl with your blue handspun mixed wool got some work done on it during the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. I'm combining it with stripes of Page Mill Farm fingering. A great mindless knit.

Oregon has the Oregon Liquor Control Commission which regulates the alcohol here. Fortunately for our wine industry they don't handle the distribution of wine so smaller wineries can get a foothold in various places. Ontario should look at its model.


Happy Birthday, Ted.

And a spinning supply shop in Jordan. Hmmm. That might have to be investigated the next time I'm down that way to visit my parents.


Happy Birthday again!


happy birthday!


Nice to read about Ted's Awesome Adventure...having been your age for about a half a year now, I can say it's been pretty good so far. Hope my belated birthday gift doesn't get caught up in the CPS (Canadian Postal System). <3


Wow!!! Happy Birthday, Ted!! Cheers to a healthy, happy year! And that's again for the scarf exchange--you really brought me such a bundle of happiness this summer which I greatly appreciated.


A very happy 50th, Ted. Glad you finally joined us fifty year olds and counting...


Happy Birthday - I really enjoy reading your blog, so thanks for sharing the big 5-0.

Deborah Robson

Very happy birthday, Ted. You'll never catch up with me, though!

Your spinning fibers sound grand, as does the shop's intention to have some harder-to-find breeds. There's so much to be discovered there. I spun a few interesting things this week: Llanwenog, Lleyn, and Exmoor Horn (so not entirely Welsh).

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