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December 13, 2009



Oh boy, that is gorgeous!


WOW! are you keeping it or giving it away? (I'd only give it to my mama) :)

Diane F.

Lovely, both the shawl and the snow scene.

I know what you mean about hap, or everyday, shawls. I wear the plainest ones around the house - only my plain ones are *way* plainer than yours :-)

PS: One person on ravelry left out the partial diamonds at center and ends. The partial diamonds don't bother me so much, but I do see what you mean.


Gorgeous. Glad to see your knitting mojo in full swing. :)

As far as yardage goes, unless you have climate-controlled conditions, when the humidity goes up, the yarn actually lengthens, too so even though you might set your winder to go for X yards, it's still a shot in the dark if the yarn later dries out or dampens. So, IMHO, labeled yardage should always be taken as approximate. Technically, I think the leeway standards are 5-10% (weight or yardage).

So, going by those standards, your skeins weigh in a little low. But, maybe the yardage is fine? Who knows.

In any event, very nice work.

L.M. Cunningham

Fabulous work, Ted.

I'm jealous of your speed: I've been working on a shawl since May and am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, as I've only got 25 more edging repeats to finish. With luck, it'll be done by Christmas -- New Year's at the outside.



Beautiful! I feel the need to do a shawl. You inspire!


Yummy shawl! Re the NYC post, btw I'm more or less living here now (long story) and I'd be delighted to hook up if we can make it work. FYI every Monday there is a spinning group that meets in Manhattan--a lovely motley crew that would welcome you and, as with most spinning groups, dazzle and amaze with their diversity and nifty efforts. Depending on when you're here, the Cooper Hewitt sometimes has amazing textile stuff, as does the Bard Grad Centre. Keep the blog posted on your dates and we can surely figure out some good stuff. I'm not a tourist either. I spend most of my free time walking around, which is entertaining enough in my books.


PS Sorry, NYC, I love you dearly but Montreal has way better bagels. They're not an imitation, they're different and better.

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