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December 23, 2009



i was able to work as a judge pro tem a few times this year, with a promise that i'll be able to do so again in the future. i've wanted to be a judge since i was about ten, but did not take a career path to achieve that goal. i was too busy living my life, getting married and having children. being offered the opportunity, and doing well at it was a thrill for me. this was a very big positive in my life.

anne marie in philly

I have my job, my health insurance, my house, my cats. I have food to eat and clothes to wear and heat for warmth. I have my knitting to comfort and challenge me. I want for nothing. Life is good.

PS - marilyn has a smooch from me to you when you see her next week, so be sure to collect it! happy 2010!


I suppose if I had to pick one thing, I'd say my trip to India back in March. You know I'm not the new-age-y sort to go on about how "spiritual" it all is - there was an awful lot of dirt and squalor and poverty - but at the same time, people get by and some even thrive despite their circumstances. It's good to be reminded of that.


2010 was my 4th year attempting to have a really nice vegetable garden . And I succeeded !!!! Someone passed by and said . I see you have a long time training in vegetable gardens . He is from the village so I felt like the queen of my garden . Such happiness both in my heart and in our plates
And a Merry Christmas to you whose blog I read and enjoy so much !


I went to my first SOAR. I met friends, made friends, learned a lot. I swore to myself that I'd hand on the passion, the skills, and the knowledge that the mentors passed to me, and I am acting on that. Pass it on, hand to hand across time.

Linda Shields

I have a family that is there for eachother in times of need - and in carefree times. My daughter-in-law is doing well with chemo, and her two small girls are excited that Mom will feel better when spring rolls around - "and it's almost spring, right Oma?" We all have - at least - some work, we all have a roof over our heads, we have food on the table. I just keep remembering that "life is good". I wish you and all those that read this blog a healthy, prosperous (not just in material measures), joyful, and peaceful 2010! salam wa sa'aadah Linda


My son is finally back on track after a head injury 4 years ago and will graduate from college in the spring.

We have a new roof over our heads and are able to share some of our abundance by donating food to a shelter in Detroit.


Ted...wishing you an abundance of blessings in the New Year. May a healthy back be one of them.

Thanks for your posts through the year.

L.M. Cunningham

My career as an artist finally came together this year -- at one point, I was in three group shows and had an 11-week solo show (my first!) all up at the same time. I'm not making tons of money, but my accountant is impressed that I'm making some. :-)

Give my regards to Broadway, and remember me to Herald Square -- best wishes for a healthy and happy 2010.

John Crane

Nice idea for ending 2009, Ted. Among the really positive notes for me were attending Men's Sprint Knitting Retreat as well as Easton and Rhinebeck in the Fall -- both of which had your fingerprints all over them!


Here are a few of 2009's positive things for which I am grateful: vacations to Monterey Bay & San Francisco, Yosemite, N. Cal. coast; train trip Portland for Sock Summit; opportunities to volunteer in and for the local library; still being able to knit; living a life of plenty with enough to share.

Sending you love and wishes for a pain-free trip to NYC.


We've been more blessed than most, but I would have to say that this year's big positive was that my husband finally got his dream job in his dream company. As for myself, thanks to the perks of that new job we were able to join a gym and I was able to work with a trainer I've last 30 lbs since and feel better than I have in years! Our daughters are happy and in great schools, and our eldest has recently learned how to weave thanks to a local Arts nonprofit. All good things.

Nancy G

Some really nice moments of 2009 are the "Knit Bloggers" I have discovered and enjoy reading. May you all have a wonderful 2010.

ron huber

I read blocks like yours that are uplifting. There are many people whom I love and who love me. I can still knit. Gee, I am so blessed.


Jim was laid off at the beginning of January and it was such a boon to him. He endured a few months of sorrow and soul searching, but he pulled himself up, found himself work and now has much better prospects than he did this time last year. He's also learned the value of his work and what it is that makes him happy.

I have so many more blessings and happy moments, I am so lucky!!


I was very blessed this year. So many positive things happened, it's hard to choose the best. Highlights:
The opportunity to spend three months overseas on a house sit with an amazing dog and a fantastic ocean view.
The opportunity to buy a home that is beyond my wildest dreams and expectations of any place I ever thought I could live.
The BEST dog in the entire universe (OK, I'm a little biased) turned 2 and she's becoming even more wonderful as she gets older.

I hope that 2010 is the best year ever for you. I enjoy your blog, please keep writing.


Modern medicine really helped us out this year. It sometimes gets a bad rap, but Dan and I are really grateful for it and all it has given us this year.
Peace to you Ted, and happy new year!


My daughter had a grandson! And she didn't marry the schmuck that fathered him!!! (yet). And I adopted the most affectionate 12-year-old cat imaginable, and named her Violet Crabtree. Or maybe Patina. Or both. (She is blue.)


We finally found a small house to buy, after six years of searching and 5 years of cramping together in tiny apartments. The downturn in the economy helped, as the long wait had mostly been due to the wildly inflated real estate market. There are the worries of being a property owner, but also many joys. Most notably, room for the girl's new found love, fiddling, and my old passion, gardening.


My sweetheart and I were on a walk and saw a double rainbow in a complete arc; the primary arc was bright enough for him to see, even with his visual impairment!


I got 5 (FIVE!!!) grandchildren for Christmas (well, not really, but it feels like it). Two babies, and 3 "steps" ages 2 1/2, 6, and almost 8.

They were all here Christmas Day for dinner & gifts, and it was wonderful.

And then they all went home, and it was wonderful.


What a great idea Ted. I'm almost glad that I waited this long to read the post because I got to see a really long list of happy things.

This was a great year for us. We moved to our new place in the country and got chickens and pigs. We've been learning new things at a rate that is sometimes overwhelming but all is well.

Despite the impact of the recession on some of my clients (and thus my biggest client in the past 2 years DRASTICALLY reducing how much they spent), I had about the same gross revenue as past years. This has made me very positive about my ability to grow this business.


While this year was a challenge, it also was a memorable one in a great way:
-- I went to my first SOAR and received such inspiration from the classes that I see much more coming from my wheel than from my needles. A new drumcarder is on its way.
-- I volunteered for Sock Summit and had a once-in-a-lifetime experience working with Tina and Steph and the SS2 work crew. A wheel-sitting gig worked out to sitting in on a couple of Judith's classes. It was at SS09 that I began gathering autographs on my Ashford Joy.

I hope your back is much more cooperative in NYC and during your visit with Marilyn. Hugs for the new year.

Deborah Robson

Like Duffy, for me the high point was Sock Summit, plus, in my case, the road trip to and from, which involved visiting (too briefly, but gratefully) with friends I had not seen in way too long.

Thanks, too, for the Couperin. Reminded me, nicely, of editing jobs I did years ago for Lynn Edwards and Ed Pepe at The Westfield Center . . . and some concerts I got to attend in the process.


Great idea Ted, and boy am I grateful for the reminders as 2009 was a toughie, massive life change and all... A wonderful thing that happened is that I finished a sweater (original, top down raglan pullover) for my sister and she loved it. I also got to see my adorable god daughter--whom I so rarely see due to living far from one another-- stand up on her own for the very first time, while I was visiting!

Take care--good luck with the back and I can't wait to hear what you got up to in NYC... xo L:

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