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January 22, 2010


Rita Hartjes

I am sorry you did not have a good week, life is like that you know, I have my share of bad stuff. In view of all that happened in Haiti,I count my blessings.You helped me tonight to stay positive about life, I played and enjoyed the little concert on the you tube,and sent it around to my like minded friends, I know it will lighten their sadness too. Thank you Ted, Knit on, Rita


sorry to hear you've been having a bad week. if your weather has been anything like ours, i'm sure the lack of sun has not been helping, either.

hope that music, knitting, and good friends will get you through this.


It's one of my favorite pieces. Thanks for sharing.

Hope your week improved and you have many joyful days.


Just found you by following links down the rabbit hole... Thank you for this. It made me think about my Mom and cry. She'd have liked it a lot I think.

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