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January 05, 2010



Sounds cold and fun. Thanks for the trip report. That NYC Library is amazing!


Updated January 6th. Jack emailed me to say that I recounted our route of Jany 30 slightly incorrectly, so I've corrected the post. ~ Ted


I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip. Indeed, the fountain in the close at the cathedral is spectacular when it is flowing, especially on a hot, slightly windy day when you might get a bit of a refreshing shower. The close also features peacocks, a biblical garden, an herb garden and other delights. I once worked at the Bank Street School on 112th St. and spent many hours exploring there with the children. Do go back when the weather is warm, when the musicians fill the streets and parks.


How delightful! I'm glad you had a great time. I love NY but I agree it's nice to find a quiet place to escape the noise.

Deborah Robson

It took me a long time to discover NYC, and now I love visiting there. The sorts of things you found there are why.

Tapestries at the Cloisters: Yes, pretty surely spindle-spun. And yes, the greens have lost their yellows, which were more fugitive than the blues, which could have been woad or indigo.

At Stirling Castle, in Scotland, they are weaving a new set of unicorn tapestries with colors researched to be as close as possible to the originals. A friend says they are stunning. I'm glad I've seen the Cloisters weavings. I look forward to an opportunity to see the Scottish ones--three or four have been completed. Will have to steal away from teaching at UK Knit Camp next August long enough to visit wherever the weavers are. Wonder if they're using handspun??????

L.M. Cunningham

When at the Cloisters, did you also see the stained glass window with the shepherdess spinning on her spindle while she tended her flock? (http://www.flickr.com/photos/lasquetipress/2474042885)

You should try staying in the city sometime. There's a place that advertises in the Saturday G&M, which is where I stayed last time. Short walk to the Museum of Natural History and Central Park, and the great foodie delights of H&H Bagels and Zabars. Exceptionally reasonable (for NYC) and my single was extraordinarily quiet.

Elizabeth Huyer

Hello Ted:

Brought back memories of my trip to NY in early 2000's. I loved NY and would cdertainly visit again. Enjoyed reading about the interesting places you visited. Would have liked a picture of you.
Glad to hear you are safely back in OS and no doubt, back to work!

Liz Huyer


Wow, you really have a great camera. What kind is it? Is it the SLR kind?

Oh, and also, glad you had a great time in NY.


Wonderful pictures! I wish my back had been functional, otherwise I would have been with ya. As a native New Yorker, I think you did a fabulous job capturing what's great about the city.

And our hours together were golden. God, I wish we lived closer. By the way, I just had my first yoga session today. I think this is the way to go for the back issues. Not to mention the meditative side. Spinning has always been my meditation tool. Yoga at least gets more than my legs and hands moving.


"Ted's room" in the cozy house Jack shares with Judy in Nutley, seemed awfully empty this week without Ted.

Linda Grigg

I read it all, looked up all the links, it was great. I've had one good visit to NYC & it was great to re-visit & fill in the gaps.

Barb B.

It was a great write up, made me wish I was there!
But all the way through, I kept going back and checking... how many hours with no bathroom? How many? My Gosh. I'd have had to authorize a stewardess to accompany me or something.
How many hours?? (I think this shows my age)


wow...you made me even wish I had been in NYC, and I've never been a big fan. I'll blame it on your amazing photography skills.

I am highly envious that you got to spend time with Jack, Lars, Mark and Marilyn.

I have also been incredibly amazed by Michael's silk making skills. Sounds like a fascinating exhibit.

Thanks for vicarious tour.


Thanks for that Ted, it was really interesting and they were great photos. We saw an exhibition of ikats from the Silk Road area about a year ago here in Sydney and loved it.

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