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March 14, 2010


L.M. Cunningham

Glad to see you found the workshop productive, and to see the latest projects. You've found "orange" while I've been hooked on "green" -- that's not a bad thing. We bring the colour into our lives that we need.

Good news about still having a job too -- and that it's not your raison d'etre....

May be in your 'hood early in July and will keep you posted.



Sounds to me like you did hav ethe divine inspiration but sometimes it only comes one step at a time instead of getting to see the whole map.
Just sayin'
And, orange is my favorite

anne marie in philly

YAYZ...you are still breathing...your heart is still beating...and you are still knitting and spinning.

more, please...


Boy those last 2 pictures look like a golden sun on the horizon. Hope that it's symbolic for you!


Glad the workshop was worthwhile. Also glad you will be employed for a bit longer while you work on "changes."


Good news about the job until July. I bet you are one of the most conscientious employees they have. You say, "There needs to be some changes." Go for it!

Love your knitting. Love your spinning. Love the colors.


See...... that's why I don't know if I can do mass retreats like that. My therapist told me the other day that I had more of a maverick personality, non-conformist..... that's why certain things don't work for me. But I can easily get stagnant IF I don't path my own way. For those who conform, their path is already set for them. Does this make sense?

Anyways, I'm glad you went to easton anyways, to meet up with the boys and all. That john is one handsome man isn't he? :)

Talk to you later

xoxo - Kenny

Fiber Ninja

I'm pleased that you found some food for thought at the retreat. The cafe sounds awesome. The colours you're working with look like "Rhinebeck in the Fall". I've been into natural coloured fleece lately; I wonder what that says about me? I'm visiting Montreal in April; pm you with details.


I just found your blog and read all your past entries...loved every one of them! I've been thinking about knitting a shawl and decided on Ene's scarf once I saw the beautiful one you completed. It has been in my queue for quite some time...I've been busy with other projects. Never enough time...everyone's lament!

Manchester, Vermont is one of my favorite places and I'm happy you were able to visit there recently. Could you please tell me the name of the pattern for the hat that is in the picture (fair isle - roses and greens)? It's just beautiful!

Thanks for sharing your talent and expertise...I'm so happy I found your blog!


Oh, Ted, that roving looks almost the same as some that I have dyed! It is really fun to spin, and to watch the colours as they come up, and then even more excitement to see what happens when it is plied. I am anxious to see what you do with yours.

Ken Mattsson

Just saw this post! I'm glad that you got something out of the workshop. I always say that Easton gives you what you need at the moment. Maybe you weren't up for the lightening bolt that weekend, but you needed to be moved to the spot where lightning will hit.

Thanks for the suggestion. We're doing it again next year on Martin Luther King weekend in January, so it will be a 3 day weekend. It will also be paired with a nutrition/health workshop, so it will be a whole New Year's Resolution type time!

Ken Mattsson

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