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April 25, 2010


Kyle Kunnecke

that's a very interesting post about how the roving gets made... for those of us who have not been lucky enough to get to visit a mill it's neat to see the machines too!

I love the colors (and idea) of this mystery roving... I'd love to buy mystery yarn, but I am still not a spinner ;)

hope you get to attend the MSKR10!!!


L.M. Cunningham

> I've never met a wool mill I didn't like

LOL -- you're not the only one....

Aren't those little kids just the cutest? We had a Flickrmeet with a good friend who is a local shepherdess (and pro shearer) last week: I got to have a nice chat with the bearer of my fleece (one of last year's Icelandic ram lambs), skirt the way I like, and share the experience with my non-fibre friends.

The classes sound great too: I did a four-hour demo with my wheel at a local library for Fibre Arts Day yesterday. And if you're not a fabulous spindle spinner, then I don't know who is.


Fiber Ninja

Not a good spinner, my foot!! I would give my left arm to spin as beautifully as you do. Oh, but that would make it difficult to spin, unless I've mastered Paula Simmons one-hand drafting as discussed in "Spinning for Softness and Speed".

Alan RareSteek

They are so cute, John and I were there last year for the open house. Actually, we are heading up to Wellington Fibre to drop in a chocolate coloured Merino Fleece he gave me for my B'Day. Plus, the processing. I have about decided I don't like to do all the work involved with a raw fleece. I know, I know, there are those purists who say its not real spinning if you don't do it all yourself. Booo!!! I like to bake but I don't grind my own wheat! I wonder if they do??? :-)

Deborah Robson

Wow, I love that mystery roving.

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