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May 04, 2010


Deborah Robson

There are a few great books on transitioning from PC to Mac. I got them from the library. Missing Manual series is especially good. In this case the appropriate title is called Switching to the Mac.

MOSTLY it's a matter of thinking differently. Like installing and uninstalling programs is easier than you could ever imagine.

Congratulations on your new tool! ! ! !


Regarding the needlework AND the Mac, you're so brave!!!

L.M. Cunningham

You'll do just fine, trust me. I'm with Deb in recommending David Pogue's Missing Manual series: if you have questions, email me so we can set up iChat or Skype, and I'll walk you through things.

So many things will become so much easier....


That a new computer is still in its box is unfathomable. H*ll, I'd even drag a PC out of its box immediately (then spend the next six days grumbling how much I hate Windows).
Which explains why you get more knitting done than I do.
I recommend getting any bag that suits you and buying a neoprene or other padded sleeve to stash the Macbook in in the bag.You want something that has a wide strap or shoulder pad or both to distribute the weight, because no laptop is lightweight for long. I settled for a padded backpack because my work laptop, a PC, serves double duty as heavy armor in combat zones.
When I moved from PC to Mac, I copied the music files and folders to some generic spot on the hard drive first, then imported it en masse into iTunes (drag and drop). I let the new iTunes sort it however it wanted on import and had no problems. I did wait a bit before deleting the old files, just in case.

Judith in Ottawa

Hang on, it just gets easier.

Don't worry about losing stuff, at least once it gets on the Mac. One of the things that Macs do really well, in a manner that suggests that PC's don't know the meaning of the word, is backups. Get an external hard drive, it doesn't have to be expensive or high capacity: I like my TrekStor 250 GB.

Plug it in to the Mac and open the Time Machine application and work through the set up. Now anytime you want to back-track on anything, or even if you drop the laptop in the bathtub, everything is covered.

I lost a Mac, replaced it and plugged in the Time Machine hard drive and it restored everything I had on the old machine. Everything including your software, settings, and data. No more tweaking everything back to the way you like it, just completely restored.

I also would be happy to help, just let me know!


I can understand we all have priorities, especially when deadlines are involved. It would have been hard for me to leave the new baby untouched. I hope you don't run out of yarn.

A bag is a matter of personal preference. It's more than just padding for your laptop; it's all the accessable pockets and such that go with it that make it either an okay bag or the bag you simply love. My favorite laptop travel bag turned out to be one I found at a garage sale. I also made a knitted lined bag for my netbook to give it extra protection.


I travel with an Overland Equipment bag...


It's great for knitting too :-)


I have a Tenba messenger bag, and I really love it! Watch the video. And I got mine from Amazon.



As a PC user, I always wished I could use Senuti to get my music off my iPod; you can: http://www.fadingred.com/senuti/ Have fun!

Matthew Hesson-McInnis

I absolutely *love* the Tom Bihn line of computer bags. His has extraordinary quality standards & uses things like waterproof zippers that really make the bags stand out. There are a bunch of different sizes and styles, their website has extensive "fit" tables to tell you which computers will fit in which bags.


I am so agreeing with "Judith in Ottawa". Get yourself a relatively inexpensive external hard drive for back-ups, the larger the better. Time Machine saved me days of machine set-up and file transfer when I got the new iMac. I actually even needed the restore function once. Or was it J who needed it?. Either way, it was seamless.
You do need to let it back itself up every now and then though, which was J's lesson.


i can totally understand about not wanting to rush into anything with your new MacBook. i tend to like to do things like that when i am not rushed (mercury retrograde aside).

i bet it will be a shock to your system once you get it working, tho. how fun. :)

as far as carry bags go - what i don't like about mine is it has a tendency to flop forward when i set it down (i have no idea what the brand is and i'm too pooped at the moment to get off my chair to find it). this seems backwards to me because i like to set things with the back of said thing against the wall or a shelf or whatever. so this is irritating whenever i use it. so you might want to test how the bag will behave when set upright on it's own in the store before you purchase (i know i now would if i were buying a new bag).

and i think you're probably better going to into one of those specialty bag stores and getting a nice quality bag (with good zippers and seams) that works well for you. and since you have back issues you probably want a nice wide over the shoulder strap.

we will expect modeled shots of both the bag and the new puter, you do realize. i will be looking forward to those. :)

and xing fingers your yarn will make it. it's beautiful. :)

cheap designer handbags

That is incredibly beautiful, Ted! You will so rock your classes at the MSKR....

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