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June 20, 2010


Jeannine Bakriges

'tis beautiful, Ted. I liked your photo essay.


If it looks better in person it must be a damn fine piece of work because it looks pretty fantastic in photos.

Fabulous. And what a great memory for her of the great colleagues she had.


I've had the pleasure of seeing/touching this lovely piece and, yes, Ted is right: pictures don't do it justice! WOW.


That is absolutely gorgeous!


This is such a beautiful creation - "lovely" is an understatement.

L.M. Cunningham

WOW! It's gorgeous, Ted -- I wish I could spindle-spin as beautifully fine and consistent as you do.

Jean Miles

It's beautiful, Ted. It's wonderful.

anne marie in philly

LOVERLY, ted...and I know sue will appreciate the special gift you made.


This is really gorgeous!!

Alan RareSteek

Yes, it is beautiful in person. Funny though, when I saw it for some reason I was thinking it was knit with singles, not a plied yarn. Duh. Anyway, great pictures, beautiful piece in pics or person.

Diane in Chico

In my next life, I want to be you.


Superb, Ted. But I expect no less from you! LOL. I can't get into the plying balls, etc. Is it superior to putting singles on bobbins and plying together (my usual way)? An automatic bobbin winder makes the process very speedy.


That's really magnificent. Loved seeing the plying process--I'd heard about doing it that way, but was a little skeptical until I actually saw it, I guess. :)

Sue Green

From Sue, the Scarf Owner. Thank you Ted for your lovely words, and for the most beautiful parting gift ever! The photos are spectacular, but as you and others mention, they cannot do justice to the real thing. The work is so fine and detailed. The crafstpersonship the spinner and you displayed is something truly is a work of art. My scarf/shawl is absolutely beautiful. I will wear it proudly and brag about it forever! Thank you so much. It's truly beautiful. I miss you and your way of interpreting the world. Love and hugs,your friend Sue.

Barb B.

Well if it is more gorgeous in person, it would likely make me swoon. Lovely!


I'd love to see notes on your modifications... I vastly prefer 1/2 circles (or close thereto) to triangles....

Sue Green

My Mum saw your blog and the photos and agrees that is very beautiful. She said I'm very fortunate to have such a lovely friend! I agree...


Those beads are called nupps, and are an Estonian bobble stitch.

Sheila Bosworth

Spectacular color and beautiful knitting.
Lucky Sue!!

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