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July 02, 2010



Is there a Team Magpie? For non-spinners? I could be on that team.

Good luck!

anne marie in philly

uhhhhh...I'll take the guy at the bottom for $1000, alex!


I know you can do it, Ted.

For me, it's how much can I crank out on a handspindle. I'm looking at making singles from as much fiber as I can. Since it will be on a handspindle it will be more portable, but the challenge will be maintaining my interest. It was a magpie moment going through my stash.


Totally do-able list. :-)

(Nice fridge magnets, btw.)


Maybe the spinning & lace will distract you from the complexity and uncertainty. Hope so.

Love the fridge magnets. I need that one about tact


I'll take a spin with the Colt guy - or is in your stash too

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